News November 1, 2004
  Jerry Hansen recently offered to turn over the ongoing stewardship of the web site due to the increasing demands of his partnership. I have visited daily (and even hourly) the past few year and when I saw he was looking for a new Webmaster it took me about two seconds to decide I’d like to give it a shot. I sent Jerry an email and thankfully he was not put-off by my rambling. After several emails and a phone conversation the switch was done.

Jerry created the site in 1997 and has done an outstanding job over the years in updating and improving the site. is certainly one of my favorite EZ sites in large part to Jerry's efforts. Creating and maintaining a web site as large as is a demanding and time consuming process. Thousands of hours have been required to get where it is today. Many of you know of the technical difficulties that the Hanger Flying section has had over of years. Jerry installed new forum software a few months ago and it has been working great. I guess that’s what some builders do with their EZ’s… get them working well and move on to a new project.

The EZ site has been a tremendous resource as I’ve progressed on my Long-EZ project. I'm currently in the 90 percent phase as Jerry pointed out: 90% done and 90% left to do. I really don’t know how you guys that built your EZ’s pre-internet did it, I would guess big long-distance bills were just a cost of building. I have been a daily reader of the site for several years and I hope to enhance the EZ site in incremental steps to make it an even better resource. I have many exciting ideas to enhance the site and I welcome and ask for your input as well.

There are a few technical issues regarding the site that we will be working though as the transition progresses. We will work to keep the site fully functional during the transition. Hopefully it will be CAVU all the way.

I know I speak for all the EZ builders and flyers when I say many, many, many thanks Jerry for a job well done and for all the hours you’ve spent over the years on the EZ site. I also thank you for your trust in giving me the left seat of I’ll strive to meet the high standards that you have set.

AW Sisco

EZ Webmaster Nov, 2004

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