Bahama Fly-In 2005
  EZ Bahamas Canard fly-in is all set. I searched for a location where we could land, park and walk to our rooms similar to the Kentucky Rough River fly in. Only a few locations with good smooth runways in the Bahamas have this feature. Hawk's Nest has a newly paved runway which is 3100 feet long. It has an over-run for 5000 feet total. It's about a 2 hour flight from Ft. Pierce. I flew my Varieze to the Bahamas several times in the 80s and enjoyed every trip. I have not visited Hawks Nest but have heard good things about it. Experimental aircraft Bahama entry rules have been changed and its much easier now as no prior approval is necessary.

We will have a Bamahas group get together on Sunday evening April 17th on the field at the Sun&Fun fly-in at Lakeland (time and place to be posted on my Stagger EZ on the field) Our destination on Monday will be Hawk's Nest (MYCH) on Cat Island. Our contact is Diana. Each room is about $177 per night and they only have 9 rooms and a separate house that can be rented. If you want to go you need to call 1-242-342-7050 ....tell them you are with the Canard group. They require a 25% deposit. We may be able to have both fuel and customs at Hawk's Nest so we can fly direct from our US depature point at Ft. Pierce Fl. We will not know if fuel or customs is available at Hawk's Nest until a few days prior to depature. If it it not we will stop at an airport of entry, clear customs and then go on to Hawks Nest. I spoke to Diana and she said the fishing,snorkling, and scuba diving are great. This should be fun. I have been scuba diving in other areas of the Bahamas and its beautiful. You can rent scuba equipment (if you have a dive card) at Hawk's Nest. If you don't scuba you can take lessons. If you have any me directly or call me at the number below. After you make your deposit email me so I can put you on the Bahama list for future emails.

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