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The 2009 Bahamas fly-in is now in the planning stage and should be complete in the next few weeks. I do not have the exact dates yet but we will depart about 4/13 or 4/14 ------ one week before Sun&Fun. 

I will have a more detailed post of the fly-in and procedures for flying in the islands in a few weeks. 

I started flying in the Bahamas in 1984 with a flight to Walkers Cay in my Varieze and each of the years after were spent island hopping with a small group of canard flyers. The amazing things we experience each year are the beauty of the islands and the blue waters along with wonderful sea food while enjoying the company of the fine folks in the canard community. The warm Bahamas waters offer some of the best Scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling in the world. We stay away from the tourist spots like Nassau and Freeport; each of the islands we visit is small and can only be reached by small plane or boat. The locals are friendly and the sun sets are magical. You can swim, scuba, snorkel, visit other small uninhabited islands by small rental boat (one island near Staniel Cay has wild pigs that swim out to greet you)

I am in the process of talking to the lodging folks at the Islands listed below. When we went to Fowl Cay last year we discovered an amazing restraint and I will plan for a dinner there for the group. if the price is quite high--- I believe it is about 100.00 per person but for what you experience it is well worth every penny. 

In 09, As last year We will fly into KFXE, park at AOG Aircraft Service / Execuport International and walk next door to the Marriott Courtyard. About 8 AM the next morning we will depart together to our first airport of entry.

Flying in the Bahamas is easy and in many ways safer that flying over land.

You will seldom be out of sight of land and flying with a group makes us all feel more secure.

If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions call or email me. You can get an idea of what you will experience by viewing the following. We will most likely go to 2 or more of the following islands.

Spanish Cay

I have never been to Spanish Cay so this will be a first for me if we go. They just had a huge drug bust on the island but all is OK now

Staniel Cay

A short video of the Staniel Cay Yacht club where we will stay for 2 to 3 nights.

Fowl Cay

This small island is a short boat ride from Staniel Cay. We may enjoy a dinner here one night while at Staniel Cay.

Great Harbor

Great Harbor has one of the best beaches in the islands.

Hawks Nest

We land and park next to the resort and rooms. Hawks nest has good Scuba diving and great food.


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