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Borrego Fly-in

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The "Squadron" at rest during lunch

It was a beautiful day, warm temperatures and clear skies, and a perfect opportunity to partake of the proverbial $100 hamburger (or BLT, etc.).   Eight EZ's were flown in, and one from Chino arrived just as we were leaving.   Steve Eddy, with his beautiful Lancair joined up as an "honorary" member of the EZ squadron.  Photos of the planes of Chuck Busch, Sid and Penny Tolchin, and Jerry Hansen can be seen in the Member Directory

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Bill Lermer flew in from Phoenix

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Shot from a helicopter?

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Dave Kilbourne and his bird

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Steve Eddy - and his gorgeous, but somewhat backward, Lancair

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Peter Trost enjoying a great winter morning in the desert

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Dan Patch and co-pilot Steve Patch.  Steve's the good looking one.

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Alan Laudani, Jerry Hansen, Nathan Ennis, Chuck Busch,
Steve Eddy, Penny Tolchin and Peter Trost

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Penny and Sid Tolchin, Peter, Steve and Dan Patch,
Dave Kilbourne, Bill Lermer and Alan.  Was that burger
really $100?

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The flight line attracted the usual bewildered onlookers

We all had a great time.  Somebody come up with a time and place and we'll do it again!!!!