Canard Aviators Archive

  I'm are pleased to make available an archive of the Canard-Aviators email messages. There are approximately 19,000 emails posted to the forum.

Early on in the building process I found the ability to search past message invaluable but the process
was very slow. Since I had most of the emails I was able to convert them and store them in this archive. I
manually retrieved the remaining emails.

The archive is current through October 2004 and will be periodically updated to include the latest messages.

The archive is locked to prevent new posts and will remain locked.

The link below will take you the forum archive.

Visit the The Canard Aviators Archive, try the search and browse features and let me know your results.

The archive is currently loaded on a temporary server. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the performance
of the forum. I'm concerned that the server may be overwhelmed by users. Please
email your results.
Use to return to this site. The archive will be re-located to the server as time permits.

Please address all questions to Webmaster