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New Year's Day Fly-In 2004 - Chino, California

The weather was clear, the wind calm.  This brought out a nice crowd to the 2004 New Years Day breakfast at Flo's restaurant on the Chino Airport.   High calories, high octane and high spirits brought over 50 people to the annual fly-in to meet old friends, discover new ones, and engage in serious evaluations of each other's airplanes.  TFR's over the Rose Bowl called for careful navigation for some attendees.  Subsequent communication shows that, although departures were in many directions, there were many more destinations planned for the day.


David Orr took a census and reports the following aircraft in attendance....

Flo’s New Year’s Day Breakfast   January 1, 2004

(L) N76AB (Gene Draper & Rob Walty) CA
(Dfly) N931BE (Brad Hall) CA
(V) N7CE (Bill Davenport) CA
(L) N143CL (Chuck Busch) CA
(CZIV) N795DB (Stan Susman) CA
(L) N14DL (David Lind) CA
(CZIV) N433DP (Dough Pitzer) CA
(V) N862DP (Dan Patch) CA
(L) N81EJ (Jim Sardella) CA
(L) N104EZ (Harry Thomas) CA
(L) N321EZ (David Orr) CA
(L) N551EZ (Gary Oliver) CA
(L) N86JP (John Fisher) CA
(E-r) N999LE (Lynn Erickson) CA
(V) N555LS (Gerald Prendergrass) CA
(L) N6NG (Gerald Hansen) CA
(CZIV) N166PT (Paul Stowitz) CA
(L) N742TJ (Paul Lewis) CA
(L) N558TL (Tim Lally) CA
(CZ) N2TM (Todd Morgan) CA
(L) N606TT (Torger Totusek) CA
(L) N601VS (Vern Simon) CA
(V) N75WR (William Ingram) CA
(L) N4WX (Jimmy Martin) CA
(V) N506D (Dave Kolstad) CA
(L) N262E (Bob Fuselier) CA
(L) N141 (Jeff Gabrielson) CA
(L) N79995 (Chris Wade) CA

Some of the prettiest Planes in the Country – and a few rough ones like mine.  Several came in formation.

28 planes
17 Long EZs
 5 Variezes
 3 Cozy IVs
 1 Cozy
 1 Evolution EZ
 1 dragonfly