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(From CP21, Page 7, July, 1979)

     This suggestion comes from Lee Herron. It has been pointed out, by the F.A.A. Eastern Region E.M.D.O., that the canopies of the bubble-type found on VariEze, Quickie, KR—2 etc., are impossible to break or open with the bare hands in an emergency and not all emergency personnel know to freeze the Lucite canopy with CO2 before it will break. Therefore, an emergency canopy opening system is desirable.
     An acceptable answer was found when using MS20001 type hinge. The hinge pin is replaced with 1/8 stainless music wire that has a one-inch finger loop at the front end. A 1/8" hole is then drilled into the base side of the hinge and the wire loop end snaps into this hold and locks the pin in place until pulled to release the canopy in an emergency. To finish the job, use red "stick-on letters along the hinge PULL EMERGENCY’. Simple and safe.
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