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(From CP28, Page 8, April, 1981)

Exhaust gaskets.  It is an excellent idea to use blow-proof exhaust gaskets on your VariEze or Long-EZ or VariViggen.   If you plan on installing cabin heat, blow proof exhaust gaskets should be considered mandatory.  These are available from Aircraft Spruce or Wicks Aircraft, and for your small Continental engine order part # 627429, for all Lycoming engines order part # 77611.

Long—EZ. Method to lap outside skin plies at bottom CL fuselage to avoid a bump

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Aileron Hinge Pins.
Long—U and VariEze aileron hinge pins. The piano-hinge pins have in some cases been wearing out much more rapidly than they should. This is characterized by evidence of aluminum stain aft of the hinge on the aileron surface and excessive hinge free—play. The wear is caused by vibration of the hinge and can be eliminated if the pin is snubbed to prevent rattle. For new construction. before final installation of the hinge pins, bend them into a gentle "S" shape. This will ensure that they don’t rattle in the hinge A rattling loose hinge pin will cause excess wear to both pins and hinges.

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Back Seat Thigh Support.
This little item really makes a difference to back seat comfort. This position works excellently for people from 5'4" to 6'4" Fabricate from R45 foam with 1 ply BID on each side.

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Hints from Builder.

1)  It will save time in building and finishing if you are neat in everything you do. For example, protect foam and finished parts from slopping or dripping epoxy on them. Example, when laying up spar caps, do like a surgeon aid cover and tape off adjacent foam areas to protect then from epoxy.

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In a similar fashion, protect finished parts by covering and taping them aqainst drips, runs etc.
2)  When gluing foam cores together, use minimum micro to prevent large excess from oozing out. Tape edges of cores first, so you can clean off excess without smearing it across the foam.

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3) Before sanding cores, undercut seams to avoid high spots, or breaking loose micro or 5 minute which will damage foam. Its easy to fill undercut areas again before skinning.

Long-EZ - Prop Position.
The forward face of the prop hub should be at F.S. 158.8" and at 14.1. 21.83.   This includes the recommended 3" prop extension.

Long—EZ Main Gear.
When drilling the 5/8" dia. holes through the main gear attach tabs, the 5/8" counter—bore tool drills a slightly undersized hole in the fiberglass laminate An easy way to get this hole to fit the LMGA tube is to use a dremel sanding drum. Do not use it in a dremel tool, rather chuck it up in your 1/4" power drill (much slower rpm) and it will make the hole a perfect fit on the tube.

Clarification. Page 5-2 Long-EZ.
A couple of builders have been confused at where to install the 3—ply UND stiffeners on the top insides of the fuselage sides. (page 5-2 step 2). The adjacent sketch will clarify this.

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Cowling storage.
When you get your cowling you may not be ready to use it right away, in fact some builders store cowling for months, occasionally yearst A cowling left laying around can change shape considerably. For easy fitting when you need it, clamp both cowl halves as shown to a length of 2" x 4" lumber. This holds the cowl in the correct shape to prevent long-term warping.

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Wherever you have a glass-to-glass laminate (trailing edge of wings, winglets, canard etc) do not leave the overlapped skins unsymmetrical Always clean up the edges (see sketch) to a smooth surface without a joggle. It is poor practice to leave areas joggled even during construction, since a blow on the untrimmed edge can result in delamination.

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