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(From CP29, Page 3, July, 1981)

     We are getting a lot of inquiries about this and frankly we really cannot make your decision as to whether or not you should install it on your VariEze or Long-EZ. Here are the facts. This is all we can tell you. Please do not ask us to help make your decision.
     1) You have to build the bottom of your fuselage per plans whether you use the NACA inlet or not, since this is required structure to tie the two bottom longerons together. The NACA inlet  is an aerodynamic cosmetic add—on, and provides no structural tie between the fuselaqe sides.   The NACA inlet is homebuilder-carved (no prefab parts are available) and spliced in to the standard cowl. You will not need the ‘CI’ cowl inlet part. - —
     2) The NACA inlet works well for cooling and is lower drag than the ran scoop, adding about 3 knots more airspeed.   Since the fuselage sides are lower in the area of the main gear you get a better aerodynanic juncture between the main gear and the fuselage.
     3) The sex change operation (going from the ‘male’ ran scoop to the ‘female’ NACA inlet) will add about 4 to 6 lb weight.
     4) You may elect to install the flush inlet for aesthetic reasons only. We like the side profile view of the female EZ very much, and almost everyone who has seen it agrees.
     5) RAF did not develop this installation, and therefore. we cannot support you in building it.  Tim Gehres and Steve Wood did all the work on it, they sell the plans, and they will support you if you have any builder questions.   Contact Tim or Steve at:

Wood and Gehres Inc.
105 Appleblossoni Ct., Orlando, Fl 32807

Plans cost $20 and are very easy to follow.