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(From CP30, Page 5, October, 1981)

     There have been at least two cases of failure of the top tab which is welded to the rudder pedal, and to which the rudder/brake cable is connected. One case was a gas welded, homebuilt part, and this was attributed to a poor weld. Another case was a prefab Brock part, but according to the owner, the tab had been bent and then straightened cold. If this tab should fail, it will invariably fail while taxiing under braking load, when you need it most, and directional control will be lost.
     As of this date (Oct 81) Brock-supplied rudder pedals have been modified per Fig. 1, to strengthen the tab. If you purchased your rudder pedals prior to this date you can obtain from Brock a pair of tab reinforcement brackets, Brock part # LE2026R-1 and LE2026R-2, and these must be riveted into place over the existing tabs per Fig.2. This will stiffen and back-up the weld that failed. Of course, you can also homebuild these brackets from Fig.2. This is a mandatory change, see LPC # 86.

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