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(From CP33, Page 6, July, 1982)

Terry Crow suggests an insulated box to keep your epoxy pump and epoxy warm. Build it out of Styrofoam (bead board OK). Glue it together with epoxy, make hinges out of BID, epoxy them on. Leave them dry at the hinge line. Terry keeps his at 85 degrees+ 3 degrees with a cheap fish tank heater in a plastic bottle filled with water. Parts Cost $8.00 and one hour of time. Terry also suggests that if you have not used your pump for a week or more that you discard the first squirt, as the ratio can be off.

Christopher Brichamban suggests you try sticking a 1/4" wide strip of masking tape along the cut lines on your BID. Cut down the center of the 1/4" wide masking tape, carry it to the plane and lay it up. The masking tape comes off quite easily and this allows you to maintain the shape of the BID between the cutting table and the plane.

Dan Wicklund says a 20 gallon Styrofoam ice chest (24 x 14’ x 14") makes a great storage area for keeping resin, hardener etc at 85 degrees. Use a 40 watt light bulb and a dimmer switch, run the chord through the drain hole and set the whole works on 2 scrap 2" x 4" 5 to keep it up off the floor.

Nat Puffer suggests a good place for a DME or transponder antenna is in the leading edge of the wing root. Simply hollow the wing leading edge out a little deeper, see Page l9-13 Section F-F. Do this similar to Section E-E on page 19-14, and mount the antenna in the void.

Installation of side consoles. Make all of the side consoles and fit them, but do not install them at this time. Install all the fuel lines, wiring, rudder cable conduits, relief tubes, the control system in it’s entirety, the landing brake and the pitch trim system before you glue the side consoles in permanently