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(From CP43, Page 5, January, 1985)

George Dyer is a gear expert and we sure appreciate this excellent hint.

     "The following procedure will reduce and in most cases eliminate the chattering of the nose gear during lowering and some reported cases of inadvertent lowering in flight during turbulent weather conditions. This condition is caused by the weight of the nose gear wheel assembly pulling the gear housing am (NG50) and causing it to over run the speed of the rotating worn gear (NG58) during lowering. An axial thrust load on the low speed shaft (NG52) will resist the weight and over running condition. The nose gear housing sides (NG51) and (NG30) are considered a flexible gear housing and require a greater axial thrust load present on the low speed shaft (NG52) than a rigid gear housing to eliminate the low speed gear (NG53) over running the worm gear (NG58) during lowering which results in a chattering sound. This can eventually result in gear fatigue.
     To accomplish the axial thrust load, washers (AN960—1016), regular or light thickness, need to be added on the low speed shaft between the NG55 spacer and the NG53 bearing as required to achieve an even clearance of .030" to .060" at points A and B shown on figure #1. Clearance should be set before the gear housing is installed in the plane since you will be unable to determine the thrust load clearance when installed.
     Both bearings(NG54) should be lubricated with a grease type lubricant before installation.

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