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(From CP47, Page 11, January, 1986)

      Most VariEzes powered by the 0-200 Continental engines, by all reports, have oil temperatures that, if anything, run on the cold side. However, every once in a while we hear from a builder/flyer with high oil temperature problems!  This has been a puzzle and no one has resolved it 'til now. How could some EZs run cold and others run hot ?
     The answer maybe in the oil temperature gauge. If you use a Westach or Westberg oil temperature gauge and you have had low oil temperatures, (maybe you have even wrapped the oil tank with an insulating cover?). Check your oil temperature by some independent means, a different gauge or even a candy thermometer. At the very least, you should calibrate your gauge against a known value.
     Our experience here at RAF has been that in 3 different VariEzes using Westberg gauges, showing low oil temps all 3, in fact have high oil temperatures. One had such high oil temps, the oil pressure would run at the minimum value of 30 psi!
     The key is that if ever you see low oil pressure, check your oil temperature even if your gauge says it is OK. This is particularly true if you are using the Westach or Westberg temperature gages which in our experience over a number of years, have proven to be erratic and without frequent calibration, not to be relied on.