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(From CP47, Page 9, January, 1986)

     Every 100 hours or once per year, you should check your main gear attachment points for any movement. The best way to do this is to lift the wheels, one at a time, clear of the ground, supporting the wing on a piece of foam to spread the load. Get into the rear cockpit and put your hand on the attach point. Have a friend push and pull the wheel in a fore and aft motion. You should not feel any movement at the attach point. If you feel movement, you may have a problem developing. If there is significant movement, you will have to go in and see what it is. It probably will be the bolt holes in the aluminum extrusions, elongating and allowing the bolt to move. This is much more likely to occur in a VariEze than a Long-EZ. Best repair is to ream the holes out to a larger size, press in a steel bushing and bolt the gear back in place.