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From CP55, Page 6 (April, 1988)

     We have had several reports of this problem from Long-EZ and VariEze builders and, as we stated in a past CP, you should remove your nose wheel periodically and take it apart, clean it and carefully inspect it for cracks in the cast aluminum center bearing holder. This is especially true if you have ever experienced shimmy in your nose wheel. We have disassembled and examined all of the Brock nose wheels we have here at RAF and have found no sign of any cracking. However, we have seen several examples that were cracked and several more examples that broke and, in fact, disintegrated.
     Wicks Aircraft Supply in Highland, Illinois sells a nose wheel that is a direct replacement for the Brock nose wheel that is built just like a miniature of your main wheels. This wheel looks like an excellent alternative although it is a little heavier. If you have had one crack and are looking for something stronger, give Wicks a call . Ask for NW-Al230 nose wheel, they cost around $50.00, fit the same tire and tube, and will mount into the EZ for with a minimum of fuss.