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From CP77, Page 5, January 1994

     Over the years, we have seen EZ's, Defiants and even Viggens with horrendous wear patterns on the tires. Regardless of the original main wheel alignment method used during construction, in the final analysis, the wear pattern on the tires tells it all.
     Ideally, the main tires should wear evenly across each tire. They should not wear on the outside or inside shoulders. If your tires are wearing unevenly, fix the problem, don't just accept it as inevitable. If the rubber tread is wearing heavily on the outside shoulder, you have too much toe in. If the inside shoulders are wearing badly, you have too much toe out. To correct both problems, install aluminum taper shims as required between the axle flanges and the main gear strut. These taper shims are available from several sources including Aircraft Spruce and usually come in 1/20, 10 and 20 increments. These may be combined to give greater tapers if required. (They can be installed so as to remove excess camber as well, if required.)
     We have found that it can take several iterations to finally achieve the even tread wear that is most desirable, but it can be done. Give it a try.