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Engine Mounts Cracking
From CP86, Page 4 (October, 1996)

Reports of steel engine mount weldment cracking still occasionally come in to RAF. It is very important to carefully examine your engine mount at regular intervals, at least every 100 hours and better yet at each oil change. Please report any cracks, with a photo if possible, to us here at RAF. If you feel any change in the vibration characteristics of your EZ you should suspect a cracked mount and should conduct a very careful inspection with a bright light.

We recently heard, for the first time of a cracked aluminum extrusion in the engine mount to fuselage interface on a VariEze. The top left extrusion, a 1/8" x 7/8" x 7/8" aluminum angle was cracked part-way through at the firewall, and was not easy to find. This builder has since replaced all of his aluminum extrusions with formed 4130 steel angle. This was a high-time EZ, with a very powerful engine well beyond the plans called out horsepower, but it is still cause for all of us to keep a close eye on these extrusions as well as the steel weldment.

On the positive side, the engine mount in my Long-EZ N26MS, is still the original, installed in 1980, and has never developed a crack in more than 2500 hours of flight. 0