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Dan Patch, the author, is the Safety Officer for the San Diego EZ Squadron.


Information contained in this briefing has been drawn from a number of sources and from the authorís personal experience.  It is appropriate, however, to specifically acknowledge the T-34 Association for its excellent formation video and companion flight manual, which I recommend. 

The central objective of this presentation is to promote safety in formation flying.  This briefing was originally created for the San Diego EZ Squadron, a group of composite aircraft builders and fliers who have met monthly since 1976.  Subsequently, extensive comments have been added to the notes pages in an effort to expand on and further clarify the summary points made in the briefing.  This document, however, is not intended as a substitute for qualified instruction from an experienced formation pilot, including appropriate ground school instruction and a full briefing before each formation flight. 

The use of the procedures described in this briefing is entirely at the option and the discretion of the formationís pilots.  Neither the San Diego EZ Squadron (and this web site) nor the author, Dan Patch, assume any liability for the use or failure to use any or all of this information.  It is strictly your responsibility to ensure your own safety and that of your flight mates! 

This briefing is placed in the public domain in the interest of furthering flight safety, however, this notice must not be removed nor the contents of the briefing altered without permission. 

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