March 15, 2007

Freeflight Composites, LLC of Falcon Colorado is now an authorized Cozy builder/owner Service Center.

Freeflight Composites, LLC has been providing construction and maintenance services to canard type aircraft owners and builders for several years and is very pleased to announce that Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, the owner of the Cozy design,
has approved Freeflight Composites to offer training and builder assistance to Cozy plans owners as well as those who own a flying Cozy.
Cozy construction workshops will be held twice a year and will feature training in materials, tools, and techniques that will jump-start new builders' projects while it will also refresh and inspire veteran builders. These workshops will cost approximately $350 for a three-day event. Attendees will also have the option of getting transition training with a Certified Flight Instructor while at the workshop. The company also offers individual builder assist programs that include hands on assistance in component construction as well as electrical system design and instrument panel design and construction. Shop rates will be dependant upon individual programs, but will be around a very reasonable $50 per hour. Per day rates will also be available for those who wish to work on their plane in our shop.
Owners of flying Cozies can get expert help in maintenance and enhancement programs offered by Freeflight Composites

Interested persons should call Burrall Sanders, President at

719-660-8650 or, visit

Or, email

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