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Those EZ Chronicles 10/28/2006
by Bill James

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Latest News  
News 03-27-2009  
The CSA newsletter pictures for April 2009 are now available. Be sure to use the current password from the top of the newsletter. Please note the pictures are contained in a ZIP formatted file and will need to be unzipped on your computer.  
News 03-06-2009  
Terry Schubert has forwarded a spreadsheet done by Jim Riggins to improve the Long-EZ F-16 scoop design. Download it here.  
News 12-22-2008  
Steve Wright reports the 2009 Bahamas fly-in is now in the planning stage and should be complete in the next few weeks.  More...  
News 12-22-2008  
The CSA newsletter pictures for January 2009 are now available. Be sure to use the current password from the top of the newsletter. Please note the pictures are contained in a ZIP formatted file and will need to be unzipped on your computer.  
News 11-17-2008  
The CSA newsletter pictures for October 2008 are now available. Be sure to use the current password from the top of the newsletter. Please note the pictures are contained in a ZIP formatted file and will need to be unzipped on your computer.  
News 07-18-2008  
The CSA newsletter pictures for July 2008 are now available. Be sure to use the current password from the top of the newsletter. Please note the pictures are contained in a ZIP formatted file and will need to be unzipped on your computer.  
News 05-23-2008  
The CSA newsletter pictures for April 2008 are now available. Be sure to use the current password from the top of the newsletter. Please note the pictures are contained in a ZIP formatted file and will need to be unzipped on your computer.  
News 01-07-2008  
The CSA newsletter pictures for January 2008 are now available. Be sure to use the current password from the top of the newsletter.  
News 10-23-2007  
The CSA newsletter pictures are now available. Be sure to use the current password from the top of the newsletter.  
News 08-31-2007  
Terry Schubert and Gary Hertzler did a presentation on Cooling and Drag at this years Oshkosh. They have provided the powerpoint presentation and an audio file. The archive is on the downloads page. See the readme.txt in the archive for details about the presentation. Also note that I was able to open the MP3 file in Windows Media Player but ITunes was not able to play the file.
News 08-31-2007  
George Graham, an outstanding member of the canard community passed away August 23rd, 2007 after a short illness. Many of you probably know that George was a superb innovator. George built a fixed gear canard based on the E-Racer that was powered by a Mazda rotary engine. Not having an inexpensive PSRU option available, George modified an RX7 transmission to drive the prop on his creation. He was able to log several hundred hours using this combination. A true believer in cheap rotary power he was quick to help others copy his design for the PSRU and Mazda rotary installation.  
News 07-20-2007  
Northrop Grumman has purchased Scaled Composites. Congratulations Burt and team!  
News 07-20-2007  
The CSA newsletter pictures are now online. Terry Schubert will also be providing a Powerpoint file from their OSH forum on Cooling & Drag
Reduction. Look for it soon.
News 07-20-2007  
Bill James has a new home for his EZ Chronicles. Be sure to check it out.  
News 04-23-2007  
Freeflight Composites, LLC announces that Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, the owner of the Cozy design, has approved Freeflight Composites to offer training and builder assistance to Cozy plans owners as well as those who own a flying Cozy.
News 04-13-2007  
Paul Krasa has provided a 1983 evaluation of the Long-EZ by the US Army. It is also on the File Downloads page.  
News 04-12-2007  
We have added a section for items/aircraft for sale in the Hanger Flying section. We have also updated the forum software to allow photo's to be uploaded with your posts.  
News 04-06-2007  
The latest CSA photo's are available. Please remember to use the password (all lower case) from the latest CSA newsletter.  
News 02-07-2007  

It took longer than expected but ez.org is back up and running on it's own server.

The forum software has been updated and that will hopefully eliminate the spam problem.

The Classifieds and the CSA picture archive is not available yet but should be soon.

Thanks everyone for your patience and notes of encouragement sent the last couple of months, they were appreciated.


News 10-28-2006  
Bill James has a new article up, be sure to check it out. The CSA picture archive for the latest issue will be delayed until next week.  
News 09-21-2006  
Rough River 2006 is just around the corner. For the new guys out there, Rough River is an annual gathering of the Canard faithful that atttracts nearly 100 canards from all over the country. But book early... the motels fill up quickly and are very limited.  
Bill James checks in with a new story. Be sure to check it out.  
News 09-21-2006  

There seems to be new reports on the C-A list about a virus on ez.org. Waiter has reported files with the names of lsdmain.info and telecarrier[1].htm. There are no files that refer to http://www.lsdman.info or telecarrier[1].htm on ez.org. However after some testing I determined that the google ad's at the top of the page were loading a hidden iframe that contained a link to lsdman.info.

I checked the owner of lsdman.info and it does not appear to be google, it is registered to a Moscow, RU address. It does appear that Google has some type of virus that has gotten into their ad system but I would not jump to conclusions. This may be legit.

I have disabled the ad's and will be following up.

News 09-13-2006  

There have been reports on the Canard Aviators list about a virus on ez.org. We have scanned all the files and there is was no virus found by AVG on any file. Harley Dixon contacted AVG and the response is below:

This problem seems to be really false positive as there aren't any suspicious virus codes in there displayed. I suggest, you might contact the owner of the website (or exactly the webserver) to perform a whole scan of their system for any malicious code.
Thank you.

     Best regards,

     Jiri Tuma
     AVG Technical Support

News 07-07-2006  
The July CSA photo's are loaded! Many CSA members emailed asking when the pictures would be ready. We received the CD from Terry on July 5th. Please allow at least a week from the time you get your CSA newsletter for the latest photo's to be available at ez.org. Terry completes the newsletter and the photo CD at the same time and it takes us a few days to get everything ready. Be sure to check out Wayne Blackler's new intake... Wow!  
News 06-02-2006  
Dan Patch will be among those remembered at the EAA Memorial Wall induction ceremony at AirVenture this summer. The ceremony is planned 
for Sunday, July 30 at 11:00 a.m.. It will include a time for  reflection, a missing man flyover, and a reading of the names of this 
year's honorees. It will recognize their deep love of aviation and the happiness and friendship they brought into the lives of those 
they left behind. For more information, or to request a video recording of the ceremony, contact Leslie at 920-426-4800.

Jill Patch

News 05-12-2006  
Ron Gowan a long time EZ builder/flyer has recently started a new company called EZ Composites, LLC  His web site is www.ezcomposites.com. It's great to have a resource like this centrally located in Denton Texas. Everyone help make Ron's business successful.  
News 05-12-2006  
Al Hodges has updated his excellent 2000 Ways To Fly a Canard and Resource Guide for Non-Builder Owners
of Canard Composite Aircraft. These are both excellent articles.
Download them here.
News 05-05-2006  
About 65 Rutan family members joined together on April 23rd to roast Pop Rutan on his Happy 90th Birthday! Congratulations Pop!  
News 04-07-2006  
The new CSA photo archive is up with 650 new photos. Be sure to use the new password from the front of the latest CSA newsletter.  
News 04-07-2006  

David Orr checks in with exciting news about the R.A.C.E. events:

Shirlan Dickey has abandoned R.A.C.E. I honor him for doing it so long and successfully. We never had a serious injury on any race course - a
remarkable thing when you consider the other historic venues. A little smoke inhalation, a little use of a rural road and a whole lot of truly
serious fun. We can celebrate the sayings that were in vogue back then: "When the flag drops the b... S... Stops!" among others.

Instead, the original running is now a part of history and we think it can be handled by docents as a museum event. Beagle, Bandit,
Ignition/Windows, and the V-8s are talking about it now and plan to attend as many as they can celebrating a consensus of the original
schedule - the national holidays. Look for historic announcements shortly.

Those of us who have run most of those races most often would take turns historically reviewing what Shirl Dickey briefed, doing some simulated
race starting and simulated racing and touring the course as each pilot chooses to do. We are discussing the 4 times this year to do it at
Wendover, Jackpot, Kanab and Mesquite initially.

The one anticipated difference might be that there won't be any fees - donations, maybe - there won't be any plaques, and new guys who have
never toured one of these courses before and observed a start up close will be taken up the day before or the event before and given the
history of takeoffs, formation and start procedures. We might be looking for people who can simulate the ground jobs, one V-8 has offered
to teach that aspect.


News 03-10-2006  

The new Google search box at the top of the page will will use Google to search just the ez.org website. It's been one of the most asked for features for ez.org. We have also added a link at the top right to download the excellent Firefox web browser. If you do not use Firefox you don't know what your missing. Firefox is so much better than the standard Microsoft browser and it is simple to install. Many users have reported problems accessing the Classifieds and the Firefox browser corrects that problem in most cases as well as many other problems. Google likes Firefox so much they are recommending it. Use the link below to get Firefox.

News 03-09-2006  
Marvin Jones wants to get the word out that Edwards AFB is preparing to restore N309V (Varieze) for display inside the main museum. The airplane was donated by the builder, Mr. W.R. McGreaham in 1987. It is missing the engine and prop so they are looking for a donor prop. They don't plan on installing the engine so all they need is a prop that would make it look more realistic. It doesn't need to be serviceable...it doesn't need to be a VariEze prop...just needs to look like one. Anyone interested in donating a prop can contact me at 661-277-4030 or via email at mavin.jones@afotec.af.mil . Any help would be appreciated.
News 02-24-2006  

Bill James has reached a milestone with his 20th Chronicle this week! Thanks for the great stories and info Bill!

If you like the EZ Chronicles be sure to drop Bill a word of encouragement!

If you have not read any of the EZ Chronicles, take a look, they are a fun read and we have a new one most Fridays!

News 02-06-2006  
SVP Production Resources is working with Burt Rutan in Mojave -- he is helping them out with some of the really cool designs and models of his aircraft to help enhance the production value. Read more...   
News 02-01-2006  
Several members have emailed to alert us to the set of plans that are for sale in the classifieds section. The plans appear to be copies and I have asked the seller to clarify that. Many times sellers do not know what they are selling is a copy. So how do you tell the real from the copy? Take a look at these pictures.  
News 01-13-2006  
Bill James checks in with details of his fire warning system. Please note the date next to the EZ Chronicle link, we have not been posting a news item each time there is a new Chronicle but we do change the date.  
News 12-22-2005  
The January CSA photo archive is ready. Check it out.  
News 12-20-2005  
The Patch family is hosting a gathering to remember and celebrate the life of Dan Patch on Sunday, January 8, 2006, 1:30 p.m at the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) complex, Brown Field municipal airport, San Diego, CA.  
News 12-16-2005  
Hopefully everyone has noticed the new banner ad at the top of ez.org. That means they are working! We are gradually reaching our disk limit at our present site and bandwidth can always be better. We would like for the Google ads to help fund a faster hosting site with more storage and higher transfer limits. I'm not expecting much of a revenue stream since we really don't get a tremendous number of visitors but even a small amount will help defray the costs. If you see anything interesting in the banner ads be sure to take a look as the clicks are what count. I'll let you know this time next month how we did.  
News 12-15-2005  

Terry Schubert has updated the CSA newsletter index. The index compiles all CSA newsletters since October 1990 and contains over 4000 lines. Download the spreadsheet or read more about CSA here. The CSA newsletter is highly recommended for all Rutan canard flyers as it contains volumes of great information. The photo archive for the next issue will be ready in a few days.

Also check out the new downloads section. Terry has submitted a scanned Varieze POH and plans for the Long-EZ rollover structure.

News 12-09-2005  
Tony Malfa has updated his CAD drawings of the Long-EZ to include PDF versions.  
News 12-02-2005  

VariEze N95BJ has spent a good amount of time above ten thousand feet. But mostly at cruise. Several years ago I jumped at the chance to plan and try some high altitude takeoffs in the Rockies. The trips confirmed the importance for respect of high density altitude..read more.

News 11-29-2005  

Tony Malfa has generously provided a set of CAD drawings for the Long-EZ. The drawings include NG30, F22, F28, Instrument Panel and the front and rear seat bulkheads.

The zip file contains six Autocad drawings that can be printed to full scale at most Kinkos. Tony has spent a large amount of time on these drawings and they have been used on his long-nose Long-EZ. Each drawing includes a stock drawing and a corresponding modified drawing next to it so you can see exactly what has been changed about the original. Tony reports that all measurements are in fractions to make it a bit easier to measure and all measurements where made from an original set of plans. Tony can also supply them in decimal inches if required. You must view these in Autocad to get the full appreciation of the detail involved. You may also use Turbocad and it can be purchased from most office supply stores.


News 11-28-2005  
Be sure to check out the latest Chronicle by Bill James. The editor was late this week getting it posted (can't get good help these days).  
News 11-04-2005  
Bill James adds to the chronicles with Trailing Edge Fences.  
News 10-28-2005  
There are only a few days left to let the FAA know how you feel about the ADIZ. See AOPA's Operation ADIZ on how to comment. Even if you don't fly in or around Washington this will set a precedent that none of us want. Please do it now.  
News 10-24-2005  
Another installment of the EZ Chronicles is ready. Bill talks about the Mods he's been promising to cover.  
News 10-19-2005  
Wayne Hicks has compiled a group of techniques for finishing a composite aircraft. Wayne reports these are not his ideas, but ideas from master canard finishers like Ken Miller, Nick Ugolini, Dennis Oellman and others. He used these techniques finishing his Cozy. Another builder after seeing Wayne's work tells us that Wayne has "cracked the code" of composite finishing.  
News 10-14-2005  
Bill James checks in with Jackpot 2000.  
News 10-13-2005  
Eric Cobb made Avweb's picture of the week with a great sunset shot. If you need a Defiant or Velocity Eric has what you need for sale on his site. Also be sure to check out his videos, they are very well done.
News 10-12-2005  
The October CSA photo archive has been updated. Check it out.  
News 10-12-2005  

Steve Volovsek is nearing his first flight, take a look at the progress of his Long-EZ project.

News 09-30-2005  

We have a great new feature to announce today. Bill James will be checking in regularly with miscellaneous ramblings, mostly about EZ's but sometimes about other things of interest to canard flyers. I'm sure his highly modified Varieze (is it still really a Varieze?) will take center stage.

Take a look at the Those EZ Chronicles.



Featured Canards




Please contact the Webmaster if you have a Long-EZ, Varieze or any other Rutan variant that you would like featured.
Older News  
News 09-09-2005  
David Hanson has detailed the last flight and horrific crash of N220EZ. David is selling copies of the rollbar that saved his life, if you would like to purchase a rollbar contact David Hanson.  
News 09-06-2005  

David Hanson reports a forced landing in his brother Mark's Varieze on September 5, 2005 when he lost power about two miles from KCXY. He survived a terrible crash that destroyed the Varieze. The crash was the typical off-airport flip caused when the nose gear or nose digs into soft dirt and pitches the nose down and inverts the aircraft. This is the first test of a non-composite rollover structure that I'm aware of. The fact that David walked away proves the rollover structure did the job even though it was deformed more than anyone would like.

More details as they become available.

News 09-02-2005  
John Lambert has posted a tribute to Dan Patch here.  
Frank Tomko reports his Long-EZ sold for the asking price of $29,500. Congrats Frank!  
News 08-26-2005  

Dan Patch was fatally injured in a landing accident in his Varieze Saturday August 20, 2005.

Like so very many of you who knew Dan, this news brings total shock and dismay. Dan was extremely kind individual who loved being a part of the EZ community. He gave freely his time and commitment to this site and the entire Canard community. Simple words do not describe the tremendous loss this is to the Patch family, his friends and the Canard community. Our sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Details will be made available as they develop.

News 08-11-2005  
Tonya Rutan would like everyone to know about about this very special auction. Get your piece of SpaceShipOne history!  
News 07-26-2005  
Tony Utset reports that Wednesday afternoon, July 20th, 2005 Glenn Saunders, 36, was fatally injured while performing an emergency landing.

Glenn was flying his 914-ROTAX powered VariEZe from Ft. Lauderdale (FXE) to Vernon, British Colombia Canada to meet his wife and 6 year old daughter that were vacationing there. The trip was well planned and the aircraft had been performing flawlessly prior to the flight. On the final leg of the flight, Glenn stopped at Lethbridge County Airport to refuel and Clear Customs. He filled his tanks and took off; shortly after taking off (Approx 1000 Ft.) Glenn advised the tower he had a problem and he was returning to land, shortly after that he advised that he was on fire. One witness reported seeing smoke coming from the aircraft prior to impacting the ground in a wheat field.

I have personally been in contact with the Canadian Transportation Safety Board and I can tell all of you that they are working very hard at attempting to identify what caused this tragic accident. Glenn was and excellent pilot and an Ace mechanic, additionally he was an expert ROTAX technician and more importantly a friend to all. Funeral Services have not been set yet, but I will, with permission from the family, post something on the WEB as soon as possible. Tony Utset, Miami, FL.

Inital news account.

News 07-11-2005  
Jay Blum was fatally injured after an inflight collision with an RV-8 on Sunday July 10th. Condolences from all ez.org members go out to family and friends of Jay. Initial reports can be read here.  
News 07-07-2005  
The photo's from the latest CSA newsletter were loaded today. Please use the password located on the front page of the July 2005 CSA newsletter to access the archive.  
News 07-07-2005  
Jeff Rose recently sold his electronic ignition system business Electroair to Michael Kobylik and Pete Burgher. Electroair has been in business for over 15 years and has sold many systems within the Canard community. Electroair will continue to sell new systems as well as support the old systems currently in the field. The website is www.electroair.net and their email is sales@electroair.net.  
News 06-29-2005  

Very sad news from Sunrise Airpark. Liz Jones reports that Dave Jones was fatally injured while landing at Sunrise Airpark, ID in his Long EZ on June 28th.

Initial reports indicate a hard landing that tore the main gear from his Long-EZ and then continued into a culvert damaging the nose. A passenger survived. No details on the passengers condition, but he was able to exit the plane on his own. More details as they become available.

Heartfelt sympathy from all EZ Squadron members go out to Dave's wife Liz and the family.

News 06-28-2005  


Eddie Moody reports about a terrifying experience with a bird strike that ripped the upper two thirds of the right winglet from his Long-EZ. Wow!


News 06-20-2005  
Operation Glass Overcast 2005
From the moment humans began dreaming of ways to convert from the mundane and cumbersome tasks of daily life to a more convenient and comfortable way of doing things, brilliance and genius graduated from something to left of witchcraft as when The Earth was no longer flat to something to the right of a house hold name. Men and women have consistently improved upon the knowledge and experience generations in the making. This form of evolution doubtless began the first time a man picked up a stone to break open a shell. The true brilliance however came in visionary people that did not do things just because they could, rather from the feeling that the impossible be done because it should. I’m not talking about our “Rube Goldbergs” here.
The Twentieth Century fostered an exponential growth in technology as we found ourselves in a new reality where the definition of horse power changed from the literal meaning into how much thrust it would take for the Saturn 5 rocket to carry Apollo 11 and The Eagle to the Moon. This new Space Age yielded an emerging form of genius blazing a new trail into the stars; in most cases these people were elements of large Government-funded teams that tended to lean on the conservative notion what we should build from what had learned in the past. This worked well when taking baby steps into space BUT once in a lifetime a person comes along who revolutionizes the entire genre and changes the direction of technology. Ureka, The Earth is round!
In 1975 a young aircraft designer flew a new and very strange airplane to the EAA’s annual convention. This plane wasn’t built from wood, it had almost no metallic parts, and it flew backwards! It possessed very pleasing lines unseen by even the most modern fighter aircraft. The performance tripled that of anything aloft with similar power. Burt Rutan brought us the VariEze!
The next three decades brought on more successful designs with new frontiers to conquer. Other designers began to borrow from the EZ design and we soon saw Cozies, Berkuts, Velocities, Speed Canards, and many others each bearing a heavy influence based on Burt’s initial VariEze and LongEZ designs. Mike Mellville, Dick Rutan and others began to fly their LongEzs around the world then The Voyager and the Global Flier took care of the Earthbound Records by doing it without landing or refueling - alas this just wasn’t enough. Burt began to shift his gaze to the edge of the atmosphere and beyond. Next Stop – Space and the X-Prize!
We all know how that went and I would imagine that if you’re reading this article, I didn’t have to tell you about any of it. We all recognize this man and his team for their contributions to aviation and we want to pay tribute to them for taking us through 30 years – From Oshkosh – To Space – and back! This brings me to the point …
There will be a mass arrival of canards into Oshkosh. This event will take place on Monday the 25th of July. The overall mission objective is to stage out of Madison WI (KMSN) and arrive in one huge gaggle for the opening airshow at Oshkosh. Our arrival time will be coordinated with the White Knight and Space Ship One although not as part of the same flight. If you didn’t know, SS1 is on its way to the Smithsonian Air & Space museum to take its place next to other marvels of aviation history.
Some of you will be wondering which types of airplanes are invited to participate. Well, it’s a fair sized list but in a nut shell here it is… ALL CANARDS, Rutan Designs and their cousins. This means any airplane that has been influenced in design by Burt, please register to attend.
There are many details that will be worked out with EAA and FAA but at the time of this writing we know where and when. We know what our callsign will be with ATC, we know who will be the flight leader, and we have one of four approaches approved by the FAA. All of this information is available on the Glass Overcast (www.GlassOvercast.com) Web site and is updated as things change. A very important point is this. YOU MUST PRE REGISTER if you wish to participate in this event. There is an online registration form. If you are unable to complete this online registration process, you can get in touch with me via email or phone and I’ll take care of it for you. The registration process allows for some pre planning items so PLEASE register if you even think you plan to attend.
This is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to a living legend in aviation history, so come enlist in Operation Glass Overcast 2005!
Frank Pullano Jr
VariEze N500EZ
Atlantic City NJ (KAIY)
News 06-20-2005  
Rutan plans are hot these days. A complete Varieze plans set sold for $713 at auction.  
News 06-17-2005  
What's a set of Defiant plans worth? About $1725 based on a recent EBay auction. The auction gathered 33 bids.  
News 06-15-2005  
Frank Pullano has put together a site for registering for the mass arrival at Oshkosh 2005 in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Varieze.  
News 05-18-2005  
The 2005 Columbia Fly-In is now history. Read more about the hopefully annual canard event here. Tim LoDolce and David Orr deserve a round of thanks for putting this on, we look forward to next year guys!  
News 05-17-2005  

We have some sad news to report. Paul Conner was fatally injured in a crash of his rotary powered SQ2000 May 16, 2005. Initial reports are that the engine quit at 250ft. Many of us have followed Paul's progress the last couple of years as he progressed toward his first flight last December. He had a similar incident in February. You can read about that incident here.

You can read the initial reports here and here and here. Paul was a former Long-EZ builder and flyer and will be greatly missed.

News 05-17-2005  
Dan Patch wants everyone to attend the June 18th, San Diego Canard Fly-In and Weigh-In at Brown Field, San Diego, CA. Taxi to the EAA Chapter 14 hangers next to the control tower on the southeast end of the ramp. (Just ask for progressive taxi to EAA.) This is a 'Type Fly-In' hosted by the local EAA chapter for builders and pilots of canard aircraft. The emphasis is fun, friendship and informality. Breakfast served from 7:30 to 9:00 AM,
program at 10:00, and lunch at 11:30 (no charge to canardians). Trio Avionics will be there with their Long-EZs, EZ Pilot autopilot
demo, a short presentation, and details on their new altitude-hold system. The San Diego EZ Squadron will have scales set up to quickly
check and update your plane's weight and balance paperwork. Contact Dan Patch at dpatch1@san.rr.com or 858-826-4875.
News 05-05-2005  
Fly-In & Symposium May 20 - 22nd

Las Cruces, New Mexico - Aviation enthusiasts from across the nation will gather in Las Cruces, New Mexico to participate in HOT 'GLASS Fly-In. The event starts Friday, May 20th and runs through Sunday the 22nd at the Las Cruces International Airport (KLRU).

HOT 'GLASS is the only fly-in of its kind in the nation and several hundred high-performance composite aircraft are expected to attend. HOT 'GLASS will showcase aircraft from manufacturers such as Lancair, Glasair, Tango, Burt Rutan's Long-EZE, White Lightning, the new Nemesis NXT and many more.

Nine-time Reno National Air Racing Gold Champion pilot and New Mexico native son Jon Sharp* will arrive in the Team Nemesis NXT #3 to share his experiences. Planned events include demonstration flights, technology seminars, roundtable discussions, and expert speakers. Saturday morning, Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 555 will host a pancake breakfast. Saturday evening, Adventure Aviation will host an Enchilada Dinner featuring keynote speaker Jon Sharp who has a special announcement for the aviation community. There will be lots of fun and festivities in the high desert for everyone.

All pilots and aircraft as well as the general public are welcome. There are plenty of activities for all. In Las Cruces, you will find museums and historic Old Mesilla, which boasts some of the best shopping opportunities in the Southwest. Great weather and beautiful mountains await you. Plan now to attend the fastest "fly-in in the nation!

News 04-26-2005  

Things are heating up for the Varieze 30th Anniversary Gathering at Oshkosh. Eric Whyte and Frank Pullano are working on a mass arrival into Oshkosh just prior to SpaceShipOne's arrival. Eric organized the 20th anniversary mass arrival in 1995 with Norm Howell and is the Chairman of the EAA AirVenture Cup Race. More details as they become available.

News 04-19-2005  


Tim "Tiger" LoDolce has published his excellent Western States Calendar of Events. Please drop Tim an email if your event is not on the list.


News 04-19-2005  

West Coast Gathering of Canards

Tim "Tiger" LoDolce and David Orr have decided to organize a spring "Gathering of Canards" to bring us West Coasters, and everyone else who wants to meet us, a little closer together rather than at some far away event. One very much like Rough River with the exception that we allowed adult beverages. Yes, Shirl does a wonderful job of organizing the R.A.C.E. events in Utah and Arizona but many people just can't get away, don't want to race (you don't have to and it's still great fun), or just can't afford to fly that far. At the price of gas these days I can't blame them either.

We wanted it to be at a location that offered something more than just an airport ramp and maybe some camping close by. We also wanted it to be somewhere around the middle of California so the SoCal guys, and all the other EZ drivers in the surrounding states could get to without making it a big expensive trek. We also wanted it in a place we could count on good weather. So with that criteria in mind we have chosen Columbia, CA (O22) that's Oscar 22. It's got lots of things to do and see besides just sitting back and relaxing and shoot'n the breeze. (See the links below).

I just got off the phone with Jim the manager of Columbia, CA airport and the 2nd weekend in May (13-15) is open for our Canard Gathering. Jim told me the camping/picnic facilities will be shared with an EAA chapter holding their own little fly-in but that they'd be happy to have us. Jim's the past president of the Columbia/Sonora local EAA chapter 1337 and will help out where he can.

Don Denhard (Long EZ) is based at this field and will be a big help in getting things organized at the airport prior to the event days.

I can foresee a lot of early arrivals on Friday afternoon and early evening. We will be hosting a "cocktail" party at the camp grounds that evening. Saturday most will arrive. Some will camp while some will want to stay in hotels. Some may even want to rent a car but it is not necessary as the town of Columbia is a 15 minute walk on a great nature trail. Plenty of places to eat there and the food is good. I'm sure you are all familiar with Columbia anyway so I don't need to go on about how nice this place is. Saturday we can repeat the "cocktail" party. We'll just play it loose which is the way most would want it anyway.

The campgrounds has built in BBQ's, good indoor toilets with hot showers. the camping area is very shaded and it's about 20 degrees cooler over there. The camping fee is $8 per night which includes the tiedown fee which is $4 for those who choose not camp.

We can just do our own thing for food and drink or we can organize a picnic style meal for lunch and dinner. We might even have a local group cater us. We're looking into this side and will let you know when more is learned. For now just plan on doing your own thing.

So mark these dates down on your calendar and plan to attend. RSVP's are requested so we can have a guestimate on the number to expect.

When: May 13th thru May 15th (the weekend after Mothers Day)
Where: Columbia, CA Identifier O22 (Oscar 22)
Why: Shed the winter doldrums and stretch your wings
What time: Friday, May 13th anytime after noon to Sunday, May 15th, about noon.

If you want to rent a car do it now as there are just so many to go around. If you get one, please share it with those that want to explore as much as you do.

Tim "Tiger" LoDolce
VEZE N26FM (Race 62)
Western Canard Fly-In Committee Member

News 04-01-2005  


Some have reported a problem with logging into the Central States Photo Archive. Drop me an email if you have a problem getting into the archive using the password in the April edition of the CSA newsletter.


News 03-28-2005  

Terry Schubert has forwarded the pictures for the April edition of the CSA newsletter. The user name for the Central States Photo Archive is csa and the password is located near the top of the April 2005 issue. Thanks Terry!

Warning... there are 200 plus pictures for April, modem and slow-speed internet user's beware!

News 03-25-2005  

We have a new area setup under Hanger Flying for local canard groups to post news and information that is local in nature. Dan Patch requested this area so the San Diego EZ Squadron members would have a place to exchange information about local issues and events. We can add new groups upon request. If your a San Diego EZ Squadron member take a look.

News 03-25-2005  

Steve Wright wants to let everyone know about the 2005 EZ Bahamas Canard Flyin April 18. Steve has put together a Rough River type fly in where you can walk to your room after landing. Steve is a veteren of Bahama flying having made the trip in his Varieze many times and say's it's easier now due to rule changes for experimentals. Good job Steve!

News 03-25-2005  
Skip Barchfeld says things are heating up for the Hondo SWRFI Texas Flyin. On May 13 there will be a flyover at Hondo Airport (KHDO) to open the SWRFI Texas Flyin. We will be gathering at Castroville airport at 10:00AM, briefing at 11:00AM, leaving Castroville at 11:30AM and overflying the Hondo Airport at 12:00 noon. Before leaving Castroville, all canard pilots who participate will receive a personalized t shirt as per the attachment. After landing at Hondo, this canard group will have reserved group parking. There will be a ceremony hosted by local San Antonio radio personality, Bob Guthrie, commemorating the birth of the VariEze and the many accomplishments of Burt Rutan and Mike Melville. A large Poster of the VariEze will be displayed among with a huge birthday cake. Immediately after the ceremony, the cake will be cut and all who attend this event will be given a piece of the cake. Email Skip at to reserve your spot for the fly-over. We will be looking for ya'll! Skip.  
News 03-15-2005  

Dan Patch wants everyone to attend the San Diego EZ Squadron meeting on Thursday, March 17th, 6:30 PM, at the Casa Machado restaurant at Montgomery Field. Please note that this is the THIRD Thursday of the month - a week later than the usual second Thursday meeting night!!! Read more about it in a recent Hager Flying post.

News 03-07-2005  

Trio Avionics has announced a new Altitude Hold feature for their already feature rich Auto Pilot. Bruce Bohannon used the Auto Pilot in the Exxon Flyin' Tiger to set a new altitude record last November.

News 03-07-2005  

Scott Wanzor is selling his Long-EZ project and O-235. Take a look, it won't last long.

News 03-04-2005  

The March EZ of the Month is a special story about twin EZ's and a pair of brothers, Mark and David Hanson. One brother struggles with an illness while his brother helps him achieve his EZ dream. I speak for the entire Canard community when I wish Mark a speedy recovery.

I know Mark and David would appreciate an email with words of encouragement.

News 03-03-2005  

A Burt Rutan design does it again! As if putting people in Space wasn't enough, the Rutan designed GlobalFlyer piloted by Steve Fossett completed it's around the world flight today to add to a long list of records and accomplishments for Rutan designs. Fossett touched down at 1:48 central time in Salina, KS taking a little over 47 hours to complete the trip around the globe. There is no question that Burt Rutan's genius will be detailed in history books as the greatest aviation designer in history. Congratulations Burt on a great design, we can't wait to see what is next!

News 02-25-2005  

We have updated the list of flyers planning to attend the 30th Anniversary gathering. This gathering is for all canards and especially Varieze since the first flight of the Varieze prototype was thirty years ago this May. It is looking more and more likely that Oshkosh will be the location especially with the announcement that SpaceShipOne and Wight Knight will be on display. The contrast of SpaceShipOne against a sea of canards will truly be a special and a once in a lifetime event.

It also looks like that White Knight with SpaceShipOne attached will refuel in Albuquerque and Tulsa as they make there final flight to Oshkosh. I'm sure there will be big crowds at each stop. Maybe flyers that cannot make the full gathering can make one of those stops.

News 02-25-2005  
Flooding cut a large piece out of the Santa Paula Airport runway this week. Here is a picture of the damage.
News 02-25-2005  
Ralph Fettig would like to invite everyone who is making the flight to Oshkosh to stop in Minot, North Dakota before the last leg into Oshkosh. The local air museum is on the field (MOT), there are quality motels across highway from field, lots of hanger space. If enough people are interested they plan a great BBQ the night before and news coverage on the local network and newspaper.  
News 02-21-2005  

Al Hodges wants everyone to know about the 47th Annual Cactus Fly-in at Casa Grande, AZ Friday - Saturday, Mar 4-5, 2005. Contact: Dave Sirota 520/603-5440, chairman@cactusflyin.org. CGZ Airport Diagram and Info Warning: Watch out for big yellow Stearman aircraft!

News 02-04-2005  

Terry Schubert, editor of the Central States Newsletter, as a further service to it's members is allowing ez.org to publish the photo's of each CSA newsletter. How many times have you wished to see some of the great photo's in color or see just a little more detail in a photo? We believe this is a great addition to CSA and ez.org. Please support Central States by joining today!

Read more about this announcement here and take a peek into the next newsletter.

News 02-03-2005  

Nobody will ever accuse Bill James of not thinking outside the box. Our February 2005 EZ of the month has more innovative ideas than should be allowed by one person on one aircraft. A definite "I wish I'd thought of that" type EZ.

News 02-03-2005  

John Lambert has suggested having the Varieze 30th Anniversary gathering more in the center of the US. He suggested Hondo, Texas (HDO) just west of San Antonio. Hondo is about 1200nm from either southerern coast, Florida and the central Canadaian border. Far east or far west flyers would be disadvantaged traveling about the same distance as the San Diego to Oshkosh flyers would if it were held at Oshkosh. The EAA SWRFI Fly-In has moved this year to Hondo. It is an ex military air base with long runways, and lots of ramp area. San Antonio is a great place to visit with lots to do and see. There is a thread setup in Hangar Flying for comments about this or anything related to the gathering. Everyone please contribute your thoughts!


News 01-28-2005  

A few months ago I visited John "Waiter" McAvoy's web site and noticed he was planning a few upgrades to his EZ this winter. I checked back in today and John has been busy! His EZ is not back in the air but you can see what he has in mind. Looks like the retracts are installed and he is well on his way. Waiter's web site has some great pictures and information. Be sure to check out the "Operating Costs" link.

News 01-14-2005  
  • Bill James has been hard at work on his highly modified Varieze. Judging from past CSA articles Bill makes more changes to his Varieze in a week than most guys make ever. Bill will be giving us a full report soon. Here are a couple of shots: Photo1, Photo2 of his Varieze.

  • Check the EBay auction link if you're looking for Long-EZ plans as there are a couple of sets up for bid and going cheap as of today.

  • All canard flyers are invited to the Varieze 30th anniversary gathering. We have had a handful of flyers interested in attending the gathering at Oshkosh. There is a patch/sticker being designed by an interested flyer and most feel that Oshkosh is the best location.
News 01-10-2005  

David Orr describes his recent incident where his Long-EZ "PaintBall" was destroyed in an off-airport landing attempt.

News 01-10-2005  

The EZ Squadron in San Diego is planning to meet for dinner at the Casa Machado Restaurant on Thursday, the 13th at 6:30 PM.

News 01-07-2005  

A Cozy canard flyer, Len Johnson has reported on a taxing situation in Orange County, CA that could affect everyone. Orange County has assessed taxes on the labor required to build his Cozy. I know Len would appreciate all the support he can get to resolve this.

News 01-06-2005  

Frank Pullano Jr reports that a Fly-In and formation flying school is planned in Millville NJ on the 15th of January. All the important information
and registration can be found at www.vultureformation.com. It is FREE and door prizes will be given out.
Only six canard drivers are registered so signup today and support this gathering.

News 01-04-2005  
David Orr (aka Beagle) a long-time contributor to ez.org and the canard community experienced an undetermined engine problem and had to make a forced landing near the Yucca Valley Airport on December 31. Initial reports are Beagle and passenger suffered no significant injures. The aircraft however sustained substantial structural damage. To avoid speculation that helps no-one, we will wait to hear from Beagle on the details of this incident.  
News 01-04-2005  

Welcome to 2005! Tim LoDolce recently responded to a question on the CA mail-list about the annual condition inspection for the non-builder. There is so much mis-information out there on this subject. Here is the real story.

News 12-30-2004  

The January 2005 EZ of the month is Harry Manvel's Defiant. Some aircraft are just too cool and this Defiant falls into that category. It looks fast just sitting on the runway and the panel is exceptional.

News 12-28-2004  

Prospective builders take note: Condor Sales has several sets of original Long-EZ plans listed on their site as well as many other goodies. Another set of Long-Eze plans recently sold on EBay for $760 off the record price of $1526. A set of Varieze plans originally purchased by aviation writer Tony Bingelis also sold for $455.

News 12-28-2004  

The Long-EZ, Varieze, Berkut, Cozy and other canards have appeared in many of EAA's Sport Aviation magazine. Here is a list of the articles and issues for the Long-EZ. A set of thirty CD's containing all the back issues may be purchased from the EAA.

News 12-23-2004  

Looking for that perfect nose? A new article has been posted that describes the art of crafting a new nose for your Varieze or Long-EZ.

News 12-17-2004  

An EZ way to start the new year! Lynn Erickson reports there is an informal EZ Flyin at the Chino, CA airport. Breakfast at Flo's restaurant on Jan 1, 2005 around 8:00am. Everyone is welcome!

News 12-17-2004  
  Dan Patch aka DeltaPop reports on an adventure flight deep into Mexico to attend the annual Rincón de Guayabitos Fly-In. Dan details the trip, a flight of three EZ's, from home base till their return ten days later. Great reading and great pictures.
News 12-09-2004  

Another set of Long-EZ plans just surfaced on EBay along with a couple of projects. Will this set of plans break the record price set last week? You can use this link to quickly find Long-EZ or Varieze items on EBay.The link is also on the left menu.

News 12-08-2004  

Google recently purchased a company called KeyHole. Keyhole lets you "fly" over most areas of the country and even other parts of the world. It's uses satellite pictures and is able to convert these into a 3-D format. You can pan and zoom to any area and even rotate around a point. It has great resolution, I was able to pick out my car parked at my office. It is not like a FlightSim where the buildings are computer generated, it shows the acutal structures. I think it is a great tool to preview a flight into an unfamiliar airport. There is a 7 day free trial and it costs $29 a year after that.

News 12-06-2004  

A set of Long-EZ plans sold on EBay yesterday for $1526 gathering 41 bids. I'm aware of only two previous sets that have sold in the mid $800 on EBay so this is a record price. Only a few sets of plans are seen for sale every year and there seems to be great demand. The short supply can only make Canard style aircraft increase in value as time passes.

Several users have commented on the choice of blue for the links on this page saying it is too hard to read against the black. I'm going to try yellow for a while, let me know if you don't like it.

News 11-30-2004  

The December EZ of the month is a very nicely done VariEze. Many unique features make this well worth the read.

The links section has been updated with several new links including a link to John Waiters great site that has articles about oil based cabin heat and a cool canopy stay.

Several members are having problems with the links on the left side of this page. Anyone that cannot see the "Classifieds" link below "Featured Canards" on left side of the screen please email me what version of Windows your using and your browser version. Thanks!

News 11-23-2004  
A new section showing the results for the four race series called R.A.C.E. has been posted.  
News 11-22-2004  
Jeff Russell of AeroCAD has released the construction manual for his AeroCanard (Cozy look-alike) as a free download this morning. Other builders have said the AeroCanard plans are 99% identical to the Cozy. You can download the PDF files at the AeroCAD2 site. The construction manual totals more than 35mb of files and can be purchased for $29.95 on CDRom. The full size drawings and templates may also be purchased separately. The full size CAD drawings for the Cozy bulkheads have always been available at the Cozy forum.  
News 11-22-2004  

Valerie Harris from EZ Jet (formerly EZ hangar) dropped me an email to let everyone know that they are now focusing all their efforts on jet conversions for canard pushers. Please check out the EZ Jet website for more information. The website has updates on the CozyJet along with pictures of the Valkyries and a Longeze jet being built.

Notice 11-22-2004  

Several people have had trouble finding the new classifieds. The link "Stuff for Sale" has been changed to "Classifieds" and is on the left side of this page. I also suspect some browers may be having trouble displaying the main page correctly. A screen shot of what the main page should look like is here. If you are not seeing the same thing on the main page please drop me an email and let me know what browser you are using.

Notice 11-17-2004  
There have been a few inquires about the usage of the new classified system. You must register before placing your ad. The Register link is on the classified page here. Once registered you can place an ad using the "Place an Ad" link at the top of the page. If you don't see that then you may not be logged in. Use the "Login" link at the top of the page just below the picture of the Berkut.

You can upload up to six pictures. The pictures can be any size and will be resized automatically to fit.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

News 11-16-2004  
We have a new look and a new section to announce. The new section called "Featured Canards" will include projects as well as complete EZ's. Anyone that would like to have their project or flying EZ listed under the featured section please drop me an email. Each month we will try to pick a canard aircraft that stands out from the rest to be our EZ of the month. Our first featured canard and our EZ of the month is Wayne Blacklers Long-EZ. I warn you, if you are currently building (I am) and thought you were close to being finished (I was) don't look at these pictures.  
News 11-16-2004  
One of our members has a speed mod and he would like to gauge everyone's interest. I've added a new polling feature to allow everyone to provide input on questions like this. If anyone has a poll they would like to take please let me know.  
News 11-11-2004
We have a new classifieds system up and running. I encourage everyone that has placed a classified ad in the old section to move their ads to the new area. The new classifieds allow pictures to be uploaded and allow searching by keyword. You will need to register before placing an ad but you have complete control over the process. The old For Sale area will remain here for a few months but will not be updated with new ads. I will however remove ads from the old area when requested.

The only area that
requires registration is the new classified system. You may choose to register in hangar Flying or just post messages as a Guest. Unfortunately the hangar Flying and Classifieds will require separate registrations. Please note that it is not necessary to register as a member in the Canard Aviators Archive to search and view the Canard Aviators Archive.
News 11-11-2004
Volunteers needed for the EZ Knowledge Base. What is it? Do you want it? It's all up to you guys(and gals), if you want this we can all make it happen.
News 11-08-2004
EZ.org has great new resource to announce.Take a look at the Canard Aviators Archive, The archive is a searchable forum of all the email messages from the Canard Aviators group.
News 11-05-2004
The links section has been updated with many new links and a new format. Please email me any of your favorites that you don't see.
News 11-01-2004
Jerry Hansen the founding webmaster of ez.org turns over the reigns of ez.org. Many thanks for a job well done Jerry!
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