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Kanab 2002
Text and photos by Eric Cobb

     I could hardly wait for the fog to lift on Saturday morning as I had prepared for the flight the day before.  I rose early and checked my e-mail to see if anyone had a last minute report flying to Kanab and I also checked the weather.  Off to the airport and I was airborne at ten in the morning.  The fog had lifted earlier then it had been all week long. 


     I could see Camarillo was clear and looking south it looked like all of the Los Angeles area was clear.  I tuned in the high end and could hear a group of planes talking.  I monitored the frequency for a while until I determined who they were.  A group from the Chino airport was about two hundred miles ahead of me.  I called out and was talking to the group.  I knew I would be faster then they were and thought I might catch them before they reached Kanab, my ground speed was averaging 198 knots on the GPS, but they landed fifteen minutes before I did. 


Just as I cleared the Las Vegas class B airspace I tuned in the high end again just in time to hear ‘Beagle’ calling out.  He was over Big Bear and I gave him my position. The flight was smooth all but the last part between Las Vegas and Kanab.  Rock and Roll in the desert.  A quick look at the flight line to see who arrived.  A shuttle to the motel and the evening get together at poolside.  Just seeing the familiar faces and catching up on what everyone was doing.       I knew I wasn’t going to race but I always like talking with this group to see what they have been up to and what, it any, modifications were new.  I only had one night free so I had to make the most of it and I wished I could have stayed for the whole race, but not this year. 


     The next morning I shuttled back to airport where the locals had prepared their usual morning breakfast.  I counted twenty Longs and Varis on the ramp along with one Glassair and a twin Navion.  David Orr did the lead out, starting the race, and it looked like all went well. After watching all the planes take off for their race, I departed homebound and didn’t get the race results. 

     I had a good flight home and flew over the Zion National Park.  If you ever get a chance to do that, do it.

Eric Cobb

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