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  I've read and heard many complaints from Canardians who would like a centralized source for information relating to our aircraft. I'd like to take credit for this idea because I think it has tremendous possibilities, but this has taken shape from the input of others. Here is a solution we would like to propose.

We envision a perpetual document that describes some of the more common questions and modifications that have been posted over the years. A similar template for what we envision is the Rotary Engine Best Practices document. A Super-FAQ or knowledge base if you will, that draws it's knowledge and information from past messages on a particular subject. The document might contain the names of the builders or sources (when possible) that have the experience or posted about it.

Categories would be assigned to volunteers to research and document using the canard aviators search tool, the internet and other builders. We've all done this, talking to other builders and searching the archives/internet as we've progressed through the building process, maintenance, pre-purchase, flying and many other areas. I created the search archive for this very reason. I know for any particular item, ten guys have done it and many have posted a message about it. So many of the questions have been answered many times before and many of the guys that really know the answers simply do not respond because it's the same thing over and over. Many builders and flyers may have enough personal experience with any one of these categories that no research will be needed.

As each category is completed it would be posted on the web site. Others will be able to review each category and offer suggestions to ensure that we are providing the best answers. In cases where a dispute about the best practice exists we will offer both opinions in a polite and considerate form.

I know several documents already exist that attempt to cover many of these items. The difference here is that this would be a team effort spread across many people with vast experiences.

What's in it for me?

If this service is well utilized, the cumulative time saved across the group could probably result in another EZ being built every few years. And better communication can result in large improvements in safety. After all, a lot of accidents occur because someone didn't know they were doing something unsafe (like monkeying with the fuel system). Many people may not be interested in spending hours researching something, but almost everyone would spend 15 minutes reading all the answers in one well organized article.

To be a success, this process relies heavily on everyone to volunteer and contribute your time to take on a category. In return you will have 10, 20 or 100? other guys doing the same thing and after a couple of months we will all see tremendous benefits with a document that describes many common issues relating to EZ's. A true EZ knowledge base. It's all up to you guys(and gals), if you want this we can all make it happen.

To ensure success all the categories should have owners assigned and those owners should commit to completing their section in a specified time period BEFORE anyone starts. That way everyone feels an obligation to complete their category.

How do we start?

We have prepared a list of categories and what we are asking for volunteers to research and if possible use their own experiences to discuss each category. This is not a complete list by far, it is intended to get everyone thinking. Much of the text can be pulled from past messages. If you have personal experience to contribute all the better but that is not a requirement. The text need not be formatted as that can be done prior to putting it on the web site.

Here is a list of categories that is not complete, hopefully it will get everyone thinking.

Category Assigned
Electric Landing Brake  
Brake Lines Upgrades  
Long Nose  
Speed Upgrades  
Plans Availability  
Prop Size/Selection  
Lycoming vs Rotary  
Antenna placement  
Brake Upgrades  
Down draft vs Updraft Cooling  
Leaning Technique  
Cowl building technique  
Most common accidents  
Varieze wing attach issues  
Epoxy choice/foam substitutes  
GU vs Ronxz  
Wing Fences  
Push-Pull Engine controls  
Electric Pitch Trim  
Cabin Heat  
Electronic Ignition  
Fuel tank leaks  
Firewall coverings  
O320 vs O235  
Main Gear Retracts  

If you have an idea for a category that is not listed that you would like to do, drop me an email and we will add it.

All category assignments are on a first come first serve basis, so let me know today.I'll post the assignments here as they are filled.

Let me know what you think.

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