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Abbott, Harry   email: heabbott1@cox.net
N661ST "The Blue Goose", 1400+hrs.,O-320 has been flying since spring of '85' with many wonderful trips and memories. Always the test bed for some experiment or other.
habbott.jpg (18894 bytes)

Adkins, Bill   email: bilijo@erols.com
Son, Jim and I finished 575WA Sept 1995 after 3 yrs and 2 month of fun(?). 0-235 power with Ellison and light speed ignition. Cruises at 150, 10000ft sipping 4.6 GPH.  Home-made propeller, am now carving a three-blade. Testing completed with dimpled prop. No improvement!  Located at PVG, Virginia

Allen, Bill email: bill@allenworld.com
LongEz 160. G-WILY. 1984. 550 hrs. Airflow injection, LSE ign, Catto 3 blade prop, Berkut nose, S-TEC autopliot, Pods. All CSA mods.

Allenspach, Heinz  email: h.allenspach@hilcona.com
HB-YBW O-235 with electric, constant speed prop MT.  Cruise 145 kts., max 157 kts.   Electronic ignition, Klaus Savier.  Based in LSZE with 1560 ft runway!!  TT 1450, 1st flight 1982

Alsobrook, Steve  email: Av1ator@Starband.net
Long-EZ N861BD, Position Lights,Strobes,Forward Brake Master Cylinders, Long Nose, 150 HP O-320, Heavy Duty Cleveland Brakes, Wheel Pants, 190 MPH Cruise, Full IFR with KLN 90B GPS.

Amerio, Sergio   email: amermoto@tin.it
VariEze I-PINA .  North of Italy.  Based in Albenga LIMG-

Amick, Michael  email: mkamick@edge.net
VariEze project w O-200 purchased Jun 03, currently doing gear strengthening layups & elevator mods. base will be MQY EAA162

Anderson, Jim  email: jiman@microsoft.com
I'm building a Long-EZ, currently (12/99) in the middle of chapter 5 (fuselage sides done). More to come...

Anderson, Scott   email: scott.d.anderson@lmco.com
N81DN - Purchased in Sept 2000 a wonderful plane!  Lyc. 0235 118hp. Flight plan at 170mph but typically see almost 200mph. About 210 hrs on the airframe. Hangared at high altitude in Colorado - with departures in density altitudes of 10,500ft with no problem.
SAnderson.jpg (40256 bytes)

Arendsee, Wayne    email: :warendsee@yahoo.com
Long EZ N506EZ; purchased, O-320 (0 SMOH), IFR. Rebuilt at EZ Hangar (Memphis, TN), and flying again soon. Berkut #003 under construction. Airframe mostly complete.

Arnold, Bram   email: bsarnold@cnetech.com
VariEz N41EZ, Modified IO235, Airflow Performance injection, LSE ignition, LSE prop. Top end 200kts. Home airport O18, Hanford CA.

Ashley, Ken   email: kashley@perigee.net
I just purchased a VariEze project and I built a Cozy which I sold years ago(N812LC),the Cozy made it's first flight in 1989.

Asper, Vernon   email:  vernon.asper@usm.edu
Defiant N22VL has been under construction for 13 years now and I still enjoy the process as much as ever. Getting close to flying; maybe in another year or so....
wpe1B.gif (151681 bytes)

Atkinson, Vance   email: nostromo56@comcast.net
Cozy 3.... N43CZ ..... 0320 powered Great American prop.  2 Rose ign.  Empty wt 1015 lbs, 1600tt and 15 yrs old.
vance.jpg (19679 bytes)

Aufill, Leslie   email: laufill@msn.com
3-place Cozy, O-320 Lyc 160hp, N97PZ; built in partnership with Mike Brown; currently owned & flown by Liese Aufill & Dina El Sherif out of Hawthorne Muni (HHR) CA. See photos at http://delsherif.tripod.com/CozyIII.html

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Babb, Charles   email: chazbabb@aol.com
Just purchased an O-200 VariEze project in Calif. It will be based at 00V near Colo. Springs.  E-mailed photos. Does anyone know how to add cabin heat and a defroster?
babb.jpg (24200 bytes)

Balic, Alex   email: Alex0157@home.com
Velocity XLRG 8025M (Reserved) Subaru SVX Turbocharged (300 HP).  All electrical panel. Front and rear heaters. Hope to be 100% complete by Oshkosh 2003

Bankston, Glen   email: microsys@alltel.net
Long-EZ, plan #1391. On gear, needs fuel and baggage areas. Wings and canard complete. Looking for other builders and owners in Georgia, north FL.

Bawcom, Harry and Judy   email: hbn7hj@aol.com
Long-EZ N7HJ First flight in 1987.  O-235 removed in 1994 for installation of O-320 E2D. 1300hrs. TT at the end of 1997. Backseater has RMI micro-encoder remote display and 3in. TV receiver.  Mountain High oxygen system installed.

Beasley, Michael   email: beasley1984@yahoo.com
Navarre, FL. Building a Long EZ, three years into the project. Fuselage on the gear and just closed out the spar. My nose is the Davenport nose and I plan on 0-320, long rudders, lookdown windows for the back seater and have already purchased the Wright Nose lift for the front seater. :-)  See my website: www.geocities.com/beasley1984

Bell, Rick    email
0-235 L2C powered Long-EZ under construction in Victoria B.C. Canada. Plans built with canard, spar, wings cut and jigged, fuselage, with long nose and forward mounted brakes. Thanks to all the Canard Aviators for their support and ideas on keeping this aircraft a safe flying machine.
Rick Bell.jpg (32257 bytes)
Berlin, Don email: Vette164@msn.com
O-320 Longez sn209. N131DB. Has been under construction for 18 years. Devoting more time now and expect completion 2006.

Bianconi, Art   email:  ccivortex@juno.com
Long Ez N67EB U/C Lyc O235, Split Canopy, full IFR

Bishop, Dan & Ann   email: andar@chaffee.net
N6577C is a Long EZ with a Lycoming 0235-l2C engine.  We are its 4th owner.

Bjerre, Peter   email: kimik2@greennet.gl
Long-EZ, Registration OY-PIN, completed 1983, Lycoming 0-235 L2C

Bjoelgerud, Tore   email: tore.bjolgerud@teller.no
E-racer LN-ERA, based at Kjeller, Norway. Flew for the first time 25.th of Aug. 2003. O-320 160HP, basic VFR. A lot of fun.

Blackler, Wayne   email: wayne.blackler@boeing.com
Long EZ 360i, VH-WEZ (Renton, WA). IO-360 A2A 190hp, Airflow Performance Injection, LSE Plasma Ignition (dual), LSE Berkut 91" pitch prop, modified Berkut cowls and spinner, 4 pipe internal exhaust, LSE wheel pants, Wortmann Aerofoil Gear Leg Fairings, Sheared Roncz tips, no lower winglets, heated pitot. 12 years in the making. Will fly this year! Thanks to my canard friends worldwide! 

Borgonetti, Raoul   email: raoborg@aol.com
I am restarting an old Long-EZ project (1980) if I can find the templates, I found everything else.

Borom, Marcus P.   email:
N966EZ first flight was August 31, 1986 in Schenectady, NY and for many years was the only built-in-NY State Long-EZ. Currently hangared at Ryan Field in Tucson, AZ. Flys according to plans with about 500 hours in the air.
N966EZ.jpg (21768 bytes)

Bousquet, Jacques   email: jacques.bousquet7@libertysurf.fr
Long-EZ F-PRIH, 0235l2a, 300 h since new. I am flying in the south of FRANCE in AGEN

Boyll, Curt emial: curt@vigilanceaero.com

VariEze N111JK built by Joe Kendrick, Grand Junction, CO and first flown in 1983. Has 635 hours and O-235 L2C, Becker radios. Lots of refurbishment work in 2004-2005, culminating in addition of wheelpants and Klaus spinner July, 2005. Based at Longmont 2V2, Colorado. We're also building Cozy Mk IV plans # 872, N272CZ (res.). Curt Boyll and Gail King, Boulder, CO.

Brady, Kevin   email: kevin.brady@sympatico.ca
Long-EZ, under construction (still).  Somewhere between 10 and 90% complete. O-320, B&T Prop, new canard.

Braun, Dave emaill: davidbraun@pragsol.de

Verieze, N14EZ, 1981, O200, 1450 TT, IFR,Plane Built by Lloyd Foster improved by Randy Ford, Now stationed in Mainz Germany. This is one clean nice flying Verieze. I am now getting 165Kts @ 75% and 4 GPH.

Breighner, Chuck   email: breighner@tje1.com
VariEze 0200 under construction boat tail, naca, lez gear, narrow wheels, Klaus cowl's, Featherlite strakes,8" extension, plasma ing. airflow injection, tint canopy

Brengues, Xavier   email: xavier.brengues@libertysurf.fr
Long-EZ F-PZMT, built in 1986, O-200; Based in Blois France

Brewer, Gary   email:
VariEze, N98RB, 1985, empty wt. 666, O200

Brewster,  Donald E.   email: brewsterair@yahoo.com
Long-EZ N9DZ. 1st flight, 9/9/99. O320-E2D with a Performance 3 blade prop. 12 year construction time. 855 lbs empty. It sings
!brewster.jpg (16703 bytes)

Brochard, Pierre   email: pierre_brochard@hotmail.com
Currently rebuilding it after a difficult landing.  Paris, France.

Brown, Gary   email: gary@thebrownhouse.org
Long-EZ N4LZ (reserved) under construction in West Chicago, IL. For details and pictures, visit my website at http://www.thebrownhouse.org/longez.

Brown, Scott J.   email: sjbrown@jps.net
Long EZ N105EA built in 1991 by Al Johanson, O-290. Rough picture at www.jps.net/sjbrown. Has 20 hrs. hasn't flown in 6 years. Just bought it. Has Ellison TBI and Great American 62x68. Hangared at Redding, CA (RDD)
wpe7.jpg (17458 bytes)

Brug, Allan   email: albrug@fretel.com
N-89AL, completed 8-90,TT-280 hrs.  Long-EZ, 0235-L2C, St. Anthony, Idaho.  Pix at:

Bryan, Doug   email: doug_bryan@hotmail.com
Long-EZ N439DM. Built and completed in Canada in 1983 by Bruce Bolton, DM has found its way to the Dallas area. It has a recent Penn Yann overhaul on a 160 hp O-320, Catto 3-blade prop, long nose, nose gear doors, and full gyro panel. It cruises at 170 kts at 7 gph up high. Absolutely wonderful.

Buie, R. M.  email: RBuie@aol.com
Long EZ, N49KH, 1990, O-235 (118hp), night VFR. Cruises at 145-150 knots on 5.2 gallons of fuel. Home airport: Mount Holley, New Jersey. Beautiful and swift bird.

Buchanan, Gregory   email: gregorybuchanan@hotmail.com
SE-XGE JUN 85 O-200 Swedish EZ one of three.

Burns, Chris    email: cb888@excite.com|
VariEze, 0-200 with High Comp. pistons and cylinders, moving map gps display (Argus 3000), Navaid autopilot, flies smooth and straight. Baggage pods, wheel pants.. love the plane.. I need an outline of a conditional insp. if anyone has one for the VariEze. I'm also looking for other Canard or Composite people in the Northern AZ area.. I live near Sedona.. Fly safe

Busch, Chuck    email: 71210.2761@compuserve.com
Long Ez N143CL, first flight 18 April, 1982. Approx 2200 hrs. 0-320-E3D.  Collects exhaust samples from N6NG during formation takeoffs/flights
wpe3.gif (22483 bytes)

Byerley, Dana   email: ezpilot@aros.net

N6112Q started life in my garage. About 20% of the airframe was started by another builder. I spend 10 years to bring her to a finished airframe then, because I had two other Vari s, I sold her to my good friend Paul Werner who did a beautiful job completing the project. Today she is home in my hanger once again with a new N number N547DB. She has a 126HP LyCon o200 with Light Speed ignition, Hertzler wheel pants, Catto three bladed prop, Ez Pilot, Wilhelmson Nose lift. 180 Cruise, over 200 top on 5 gallon an hour. Thanks Paul!

Byrne, Chris email: jack.byrne@bigpond.com

Cozy MIV. Sarted '98. Structure complete, finishing half completed. IO360, dual PMAGs Catto prop. Will fly within 12 months. VH-BRN

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Cady, Cliff   email:
ERacer MkII Lyc. O320 160HP. I keep it a the Lakeland FL airport. Cruise is 160=165 kts at 2600rpm. Flies like a Long-EZ with a passenger. Still working on small improvements.
wpe4.jpg (10866 bytes)

Cahill, Rick  email:   rick.cahill@gte.net
Cozy N624RC  Serial #318.  TT12 hrs.  In process of final painting, using Poly Fiber's new water based latex urethane paint system.  Lyc 0-320 E2D with Rose electronic ignition.

Caldwell, Rick  email: rickca@trib.com
Long-EZ, glassing the wings. Hope to get more done this summer 0-320, Clark Lydic performance propeller, home brew digital sensor system (temps and pressures).  Plan on using downdraft cooling.

Camarda, Philip K.  email: PKC@DAIMLERCHRYSLER.com
 0320 eng , w/ Gary Hertzler Prop, Downdraft cooling and new ram-air inlet. It s just a bittttt faster than before&& Based out of Detroit City Airport .

Camarda.jpg (104011 bytes)

Carluccio, Roberto   email: ibkak@hotmail.com
Long-EZ I-BKAK 1996 RR 0-240 Bergamo, Italy

Carra, Michael  email:
N342MC "Spirit of America" Long-EZ. Six years building. First flight 6-2002. 0-320 with Klaus ignition, armpit scoops, ram-air scoop for oil cooler and airbox. Extended nose and clipped winglets. 50+ hours of flight. Very stable, smooth, and few problems. Based at Van Nuys Airport.

Castle, Ron email: rondlecastle@juno.com

E-Racer, N9RC, Under Construction, O-360, electric pitch trim and Nose gear. Main Landing gear retractable , VFR instruments

Chambers, Sam  email: schamber@glasgow-ky.com
Long-EZ recently refurbished, new panel, instruments, wiring, paint and O-320 engine. About 1,000 hours and two Bahamas trips with the O235. Best money I ever spent. I co-Host the Rough River Fly-in. Glasgow, KY KGLW

Chapman, Mackie   email: mchapman@cfl.rr.com
Berkut (N207MC), first flight 12/25/98, Lycoming IO360

Chase, Phil   email: philchas@rely.net
VariEze began in 1978. N18EZ (res).  Parting out project. Doing OSH each year since '82. Recovering model airplane designeraholic. A&P.  Private pilot owns C-150 at Q94.

Christophe, Beyaert Jean
Unfortunately, this unique Long-EZ was lost in an accident.  Occupants survived.

Clark, Hank  email: hclark4@adelphia.net
N72HM Project purchased in late stage of construction. Currently stripped down for inspection and update of modifications. 0-320, 150 hp.

Clark, Rev. Vernon F.   email: clark@vcn.com
VariEze N82GR, O200, IFR, extended range tanks, tinted canopy, wheel pants, fuel computer, intercom, Whelen strobes, NACA scoop, built by Robbie Grove.

Claus, Jean-Jacques   email: jjclaus@club-internet.fr
COSY Classic #CC1056.  F-PJJC ( reserved ).  Lyc. O-360 A2A.  Under construction at Aix-en-Provence - FRANCE
wpe6.jpg (28126 bytes)

Clunis, Ken   email:   kjclunis@adelphia.net
Long-EZ N345KJ. First flight 1982 after 20 months build time. Damaged 1994 and being rebuilt with all the latest mods.

Coha, Alfred  email: alcoha@juno.com
VariEze N2CR. Completed March 1980. Continental O-200, 670 lbs. IFR. Good traveling machine. Been to Fairbanks Alaska and Sao Paulo Brazil.

Collier, Mike   email: collier248@comcast.net
I'm building a Long-EZ, Long nose with a 13B REW engine "Garrett T04 - Turbo, Tracie Cooks Re-drive and Controller”. It's on the gear and ready to attach the wings. I still need to build the strakes and rudders, rigging and wiring etc. Hoping to make OSH in 05.

Conner, Paul   email: sqpilot@earthlink.net
SQ2000 with rotary engine. Mobile, Alabama Airframe completed, IFR panel finished, engine installed. Will finish wiring and see how she flies.
(Paul Conner was fatally injured while flight testing his SQ2000 on May 16th 2005. NTSB Report)

Cox, Chris email: ccox@flyoasis.net

1984 Vari-eze N830S 300TT and 150SMOH o-235 with full electric.

Brad Crawford, Brad   email: BradCrawfo@aol.com
Cozy Mk IV, N1BC, Completed 18 Sep 2003, Continental 0-470-13 Engine, Lots of work putting the bigger engine in the Cozy, but it really is smooth!

Cullen, Ray   email: rcullen@surfbest.net
N 22809 Ser # 465 completed and first flight 3-18-79. Current home base is La Grande, Oregon.  Have about 1000 trouble free hours of fun flying. Good handling, good flying aircraft.

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Daenitz, Kurt    email: kdaia@sprynet.com
Under construction

Danes, Lindsay   email: avncomposites@primus.com.au
Long-EZ VH-LDL, flown Aug 1985 with 0-235, flown approx 795hrs all over Australia and non stop Sydney-Auckland NZ. Currently upgrading to an 0-320,160hp. Looking for info on suggested oil cooler and engine air intake setups.

Davis, Charles  email: charles@sandiegocadcam.com
Long EZ, Purchased project, under construction, Roncz, Long Rudders, 0-320E2D 150HP. The local EZ chapter and my brother, Mike, are providing invaluable help. I owe my wife big time for letting me take over the garage.

Davis, Dewey   email: dldavis@erols.com
N24DL COZY III, completed Sep 92. 900 hrs TT. O320-D2J, 160 hp. 227 mph. Based in Manassas, VA.

DeFord, Brian   email: brian@deford.com
wingson.jpg (12456 bytes)I've been building the Cozy Mk-IV since Aug. '95. The engine will be installed beginning in October of '99 and I hope to do some taxi tests and maybe first flight be the end of 1999. Engine will be IO-360 with LightSpeed Ignition and Sensenich 2 blade prop. See my progress at http://www.deford.com/cozy

De Haan, Ron   email: ron@2fly.tv
Reichelt RC-01 Experimental Canard Motorglider Under Construction but flying D-KMSE Stationed in Germany The RC-01 is an experiental motorglider based upon the Speed Canard. It has a 15m Wingspan and a over 4 m canard. The Vne is 265 km/h Vcr 200 km/h. It is powerd by a Rotax 912A engine 81 Hp It has a constant speed prop. 2 blades, adjustable from start to cruise, reverse for very short landings and a soaring mode of low drag during gliding.

Denhard, Donald E.   email: ddenhard@direcway.com
I have just purchased a Long-EZ.  N93EZ. 0235 LYC. I am still recovering from the experience. Burt Rutan is a genius.

Dent, Dave   email: davedent@attbi.com
My Long EZ (N600TD) was built in 1985 by Tom Duffy of Livermore, CA.  It was bought from his estate in 1989 and transformed into a real fast moving machine that is a pure delight to fly.  I have put 1250 hours on it.  It was used to commute for three years from Livermore, CA to Edwards AFB  and still resides in Livermore as a pleasure craft
.  It has an O-320 engine, Catto three blade prop, IFR, dual Jeff Rose ignition and does an easy 200 mph at 2650 RPM

Derickson, Ned  email: clubned@prodigy.net
Here is a copy of N94WD which took 7 years to build. It has an IO320 with electronic ignition. It also has a full engine analyzer, King KX155 with GS, Northstar M3 GPS and Terra XPDR. Also has autopilot with altitude hold, and an HSI. I have flown it coast to coast and currently has over 530 hours on it. I am installing a new canard and a longer nose to put heat to warm my toes.

Derrick, Scott  email: scott@tnstaafl.net
Velocity RG, N647JA Completed 1997.  IO360 200HP, Catto Pro

Diehl, Gordon    email:  mldiehl@yahoo.com
Long-EZ N82CD was built by Gordon Diehl and Ron Corley and first flew in March 1983.  It now has over 1500 hours and still is flying great trips such as to our second home in BAJA where a soft field is used.  Any info I could give to anyone who is interested in seasoned experience, let me know.  Gordon and Mary Lou Diehl.  wpe1B.gif (151638 bytes)(By the way, that's Air Force One in the background!  ed.)


Dillahunty, Bud    email:
Longeze N27SB built by Steve Betto of Florida. 0-320 with 650 hrs. Basic VFR plus.

Dokus, Ed    email: dokus@ibm.net
Variviggen N106VV, pushed by Lycoming O-360-A1A. First flight Nov.28, 1996.  (The VV stands for very viggly) The ship has ~75 hrs and I'm looking to install a nose lift ala EZ's. Tips and comments welcome. Based at ORE in Mass. Soon to be moved to EAA chapter 106's new hangar at Lawrence, Ma. (LWM).

Dolezal, John    email:  jdolezal@aol.com
My long sold some time ago , please remove it ,but not my name. I have both a ground damaged Vari-Eze N-2xb and will be deciding to rebuilt or sell parts soon!   I probably will never fly again but that doesn't mean I can't have fun building.

Domeier, David   email: david010@swbell.net
Cozy MKIV N10CZ, 0360A4M w/Performance Prop.  First Flight June 1998.  Based at Spirit of St. Louis SUS.  259 hours as of 4/12/01
Domeier.jpg (13783 bytes)

Dorff, Chuck   email: cdorff@sprynet.com
VariEze under const. Will fly july 98, 0235-Featherlite prop; cowling, pants, ect. installing cooling sys. ,cowling, @paint.

Doty, Norm   email: normdoty@hotmail.com
Cozy IV under construction will be Ford V-6 powered.

Doyle, David  email: davidd@e-acusource.com
Velocity XL/RG - commenced building May, 2000. LS1 auto-conversion. 50% completed

Draper, Ron   email: sslowflight@aol.com
I'm just getting and will need all the help I can get I purchased a set of blueprints for a 2 place Cozy also sent for Wicks catalog and Aircraft Spruce catalog and am waiting for the EAA membership form to come in the mail . I have built a 25' trimaran of composite materials but this will be my first aircraft . I'm sure I will need lots of advice. . I received Sec. 1 manufacturing 150 pages ------ Sec 1a manufacturing 100 pages and news letters #4 to #74 dated 4 10 84 through 1 2001.  New builder

Drew, Mike email: miketdrew@hotmail.com
VariEze-N840EZ Lyc-235C2C-240hrs Completed 1988, Jiran Wings and Wing attach system, Jack W. eznoselift, Grand Rapids EIS, MicroAir Radio/Transp, AVMAP EK IIIC GPS Large display moving, slips into a half hanger at Paine Field (PAE) Everett WA

Druckenbrodt, Don  
Long-EZ, N129DD, completed 3/3/90, O-320, Wright Elect. Nose Lift, 900 hrs. TT, ADS airport, Dallas, TX

Dunn, William M. MD   email:  billdunn@earthlink.net
Long EZ,  N289WD,  Finished 10/89.  Lycoming O-320, Ellison throttle body (I don't recommend it).  Klaus prop, wheel pants, spinner.  Lightspeed electronic ignition replaces one mag.  >1000 hrs.  Future plans include IO-360 and second electronic ignition with backup.
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Elliott, Stet   email: flyez@earthlink.net
Long-EZ N321EF. Completed April 1997. O-320D2J with Airflow Performance Fuel Injection and Lightspeed Engineering's new Plasma electronic ignition. Berkut canopy bubble and Berkut cowlings. O2heavy at 1018 lbs. 225 mph at Mesquite '99 R.A.C.E event.

Ellis, Bob  e
mail: EllisAir@hotmail.com
VariEze N189EZ 0200 Continental. Visit beautiful year round flying in El Paso! (Just don't come
for the fishing!!)

Ellison, Ben   email: gooeyduk@aol.com
Long EZ, N17BE, completed in 1984, Lyc O-320

Elrod, Cliff   email: cliffordelrod@aol.com
Variviggen serial # 634, eng 160 hp Lycoming, prop ray hegy, dia/pitch 69/65.

Emley, Steve   email: saemley@earthlink.net
Long Ez 160hp 800hrs TT, 168kts, based in Klamath Falls, OR.

Ernest, Gary   email:
N7VN (ARB, MI) Over 2000 Hrs!  Lycoming 0320 (160 HP).  IFR, S-Tec 3 axis autopilot, Pods, Looooonnnnggg Nose!  Flys like a dream...

Escobal, Hansel   email: hansel@escobal.com
Under construction - 3rd owner of VariEze ser.#109 and about 1/2 way done as of 3/2002. Hope to be flying by 12/2002 time and funds permitting.  Mods: Subaru EJ25, extended nose, 3-part canopy (Phantom F4 style), EZ Nose lift, electric trim, automobile interior. Visit my site: www.escobal.com/VE

Esselstyn, Chris   email: cesselstyn@patterntech.com
Cozy 3, N423CZ, Lyc 0-320. 1200+ hours. Empty weight 1003 lbs. Still going strong after 12 years.
New project - Modified Cozy Mk4, I0-540, retractable gear, fuselage stretch, in finishing stage as of 1-04 (lots of fun).

Evans, Jim email: jevansez@att.net

Long-Ez, N339E, First flight in Dec. 1985, Lycoming 0-320 160HP, 1700+ hours. Based at Fairfield Co. airport in Winnsboro, SC.

Evans, Matt   email: mevens@tampabay.rr.com
Long EZ under construction, stock, IFR, very few mods, working on the strakes at this time. See pictures at http://mevans28.tripod.com/

Evans, Robert B.  email: bevans2@vcn.com
We built N46EZ in 1978 after 1.1/2 years of construction. We have flown it coast to coast and border to border. It has 2600 hours on it with a 0-200 Cont. eng. It weighs 640 lbs and cruises at 185 mph at 75% power. We have a Val com and a Terra Transponder and encoder and a Garmin GPS. I am retired now and am building a new one just for fun.

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Ferrell, Brett  email: bferrell@123mail.net
Velocity XL/FG fastbuild N44VF (reserved) - delivered 8/2002, airframe 70% complete 9/2003, - to hangar at I68 Lebanon, OH visit us as

Filipovic, Omar   email: filipo@swbell.net
Cozy MkIV under construction. Dallas, TX.  Construction start: Dec '99

Fisher, John (Flying Fish)   email:
Long-EZ O-235-L2C 1018hrs TT engine 332HrsTT.  N86JP first flight 07-08-86.  Lots of goodies.
Ukiah.jpg (11099 bytes)

Floyd, Allen  email: atfloyd2@netzero.com
Long EZ. Under construction with many mods. Long nose, electric speed brake, electric nose gear, 160hp Lycoming, Ronz canard, EFIS panel. Planned finish by end of 2004

Forbes, Bill    email: EZEFLYER
Long-EZ - N16WF - 8/96 - 280hrs.   160hp /Catto Prop/long nose.  1998 Kilo winner @ 228.26mph.  Henderson, NV

Fox, Dennis  email: dennis.c.fox@boeing.com
Long-EZ, N25LE, 0-320, 9/1 Pistons, Lightspeed, Ellison, Catto 3-blade, 4 tube exhaust, 8" prop extension, Long Nose, Full Panel/GPS, All of Herb Sanders Mods, Straight & FAST, Built 1985 over 1200TT. My Fifth Canard and this ones a Keeper, Based in Okla. (AXS)

Frazier, Ben   email: benfra@aol
80EZ comp 1988 Flown 500 hrs O320B FULL IFR Won awards for best interior. CAPE CORAL FL Aircraft based at Charlotte Co FL PDG

Friederichs, Edgar  email:
VariEze, N944X, 1983?, O-200X, 680lbs. I am a new owner, still learning the aircraft, minor clean-up still underway. I am based at Santa Paula Airport, So.Cal..

Fritz, Kerry   email: Kclongez@hotmail.com
N25KF Long-EZ 0-320 E2G 160 HP Blue and white first flight 1/6/98. Built to plans 280 hrs of fun flying and travel.  "Tropical Lightning" Based Lancaster, PA (LNS)717-560-7520

Fuselier, Bob   email: writebob@pacbell.net
N262E Long Eze 0-320

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Gabrielson, Jeff   email:
Long-EZ N141 was purchased from original builder Max Overholtzer in 1998. She had an 0235 Lyc 115 h.p. with a three blade Catto prop. She will do about 140-150 kts flat out without wheel pants. Has been going through constant upgrades over the last 4 years. Partner is Larry O'Brien.

Gaither, Ralph   email: rgaither@bellsouth.net
VariEze N273EZ, Lyc 0235 C1, 1000 hrs, MT 62 X66 2 bladed prop, built 1981. I purchased 1998. (This is my fifth VariEze.) IFR, pods, , Long-EZ gear, auto pilot, GPS, etc. Was in San Diego EZ Squadron, but now live in Pensacola, Fl. Home of Naval Aviation. Stop by and visit our Naval Aviation Museum!.
wpe7.jpg (41838 bytes)

Ganzer, Ray  email: rayganzer@aol.com
Vari-Eze, N27RG, 1979, O-200.   Bulit by Ray and (son) David Ganzer with help from Kati (David's wife) in 2-1/2 years. Modified in 1997 with boat tail, strengthened main gear, rear seat arm pits, & much more. Total hours now over 700.

Gee, Paul   email: zerik@attglobal.net
Long-Ez #308.  Under construction here in Liege in Belgium. (Started in Dec 1980 - Dec 1984 then stored until Dec 2003 when work restarted) Lycoming O-235 L2C being rebuilt by professional engine shop

Gietzen, Al   email:
Velocity N755V (Under construction).  Airframe is complete; working on engine installation and electrical. Engine is 250-270 hp 3-rotor Mazda 20B

Gignac, Ray   email:kitfoxpilot@att.net
Long-EZ, serial 988.  I am new owner and all in project form.  Also owner of Kitfox IV 1200 912s, full IRF (Flying) N2BH

Gilberto Falc„o de Andrade   email: gilfalcao@terra.com.br
Plan built Brazilian Long-Ez PP-ZGP, sporting a Lyc O235-C2A, NAVAID autopilot, King radios including VHFCOMM, VOR, ADF, DME, RNAV, electric attitude indicator, RMI engine monitor. Logged 500 hrs. Cooling the engine always difficult. One of the finest acft to fly cruises at 140kt and tops 155kt. Has been grounded for 6 years and is presently under heavy maintenance for near future flight.

Girard, Richard   email: fly.ez@verizon.net
Long-EZ/RG project just moved to PAE. Fuselage on std gear, but mains to be replaced with Infinity retracts, canard installed, wings glassed and ready to install. 

Goff, Marwin email: bucsdds@aol.com
Varieze N30CG. Purchased and flew home to DSM Sept. '02. I flew 25 hours within 4 weeks then dismantled and brought the wornout EZ home for refurbishing. My plans are for a complete rebuild utilizing up-to-date mods for speed and saftey.

Gonzales, Ray   email: rygonza@excite.com
N81465 First flight February 1990, Lycoming 0320, prop 62-75

Goodrich, Mitchell email: hiflier68@yahoo.com

VEZ N60P #409 Completion/flight 1983 O-200 TT 770hrs VFR Day Plans stock original.
Planning some mods soon

Gowan, Ron   email: rongowan@yahoo
Long EZ N86RG 700 hrs With Lyc 0-235 , 200 hrs with Mazda rotary- 160hp. Installing retractable main gear. Purchased Vari-Eze N731T with Cont 0-200. 

Graham, George  email: ca266@freenet.buffalo.edu
N4449E - RX-7 Wankle 13b motor, 5sp PSRU 940 lbs empty.  Two place side X side seating.  230 hrs as of 03/15/01. Website http://freenet.buffalo.edu/~ca266
graham.jpg (13740 bytes)

Greaves, John   email: n81jg@aol.com
N81JG completed and flown Aug.,1984; 350 hrs. on O-235 with Warnke almost c/s prop. Cruises 150 kts. on 5.2 gph. Hangared at Redding Muni (RDD), Calif.
wpeE.jpg (21738 bytes)

Gullikson, Greg email: gegullikson@yahoo.com

Starting Long EZ project. Will use 160 hp 0-320.

Guy, Kenneth  email: act2vate@mfi.net

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Haab, Jason   email: jason@haabair.com
I am building a Cozy MkIV SN#915.  I will keep my website updated as I begin the building process.  http://www.haabair.com

Haines, Ray   email: raycar3@frognet.net
In process of priming 6/24/03, 0320, power nose gear, power landing brake door.

Hair, Bruce  email: 
N101BG, that's BG for Bruce Goose.  SN 488 using a 0320 E2D.  The airplane flew one time and then my wife and I moved to Australia. Old BG has been hanging in a garage in Southern California for about seven years. One of these days I hope to dig it out and fly it again.

Hall, James Newton, Jr. "TooTall Hall"   email: variezejim@aol.com
1978 Shell Racing Yellow Varieze N5WZ - Continental O-200. I am finishing the resealing of the baffling.  She has a pleasant 160 kts cruise - no surprises! How can I thank you Burt!

Hallenborg, Ralph     email: ralph1@juno.com
VE, N141RJ, completed 10/83, 100 hp O-235, 1500+ hrs as of 6/98, Ted Hendricks 58/74 prop, hangared Rio Linda, CA , trouble free flying.

Halvorson, Murill   email: murill@yahoo.com
Long-EZ N616ph First flight in 1990. O320, light IFR

Hamm, Donald   email:
N199VA Velocity SUV (under Construction). Info at my website:  http://www.hammsaircraft.com   Lots of photos there...

Hansen, Jerry        email:  jerryhan@concentric.net
Long-EZ  N6NG  First flight in 1984. 0320 Lycoming installed 1988. IFR capable.  Home field is Gillespie (KSEE)
n6ng.gif (29936 bytes)

Hanson, David   email: DHanson44@aol.com
I aquired an SQ 2000 in March of 05 I have an IO 360 fuel injected 200 hp Lyc some changes center console stick I am going to stick with the fixed gear just to keep it simple and get in the air.I have about 1 year left of work.This is my third canard.I love flying the bubble.

Hanson, Mark   email: skydog96@hotmail.com
N-220 EZ is finished and at the airport. The flight testing will be starting soon. Currently the plane is in Pennsylvania with my brother David Hanson. He will be trailering it up to Seattle area soon.

Hart, Jim  email:  jhart2@apex.net
Just purchased a basket case Long EZ #20. No engine or instruments yet. A lot of work ahead but one day it will all be worth it.

Hart, Sam   email: s.c.hart@knology.net
VariEze N808SA; 0200; full electrical sys. A little "long in the tooth", but still lots of great fun!

Harris, Trevor email: trevorharris@charter.net

Varieze #379, New construction. Building began Oct 2003. Right wing, canard, winglets, nose gear, centersection spar, and fuselage complete. Near Huntsville, Alabama

Hennessy, Brian   email:
I fly a O-320 powered Long-EZ that I built starting in 1987.  My home airport is Scappoose, OR and I live in Banks, OR.  N Number is N762BH. Empty weight is 900, full IFR and fast.

Henry, Donald E.  email: dehenry@telapex.com
Berkut 360 building in progress for 3 years, am working on main landing gear strakes and canopies, engine, electrical, and instruments yet to do.

Henry, Nigel   email: gbupa@hotmail.com
G-BUPA EZ 0235. mine for 1 year now! top end inc pistons/plugs/mags rebuild/new fuel tap & gascolator [Andair] nice units!/fuel lines/tyres/prop/ASI/front leg bearings/leather interior/love flying it

Herlenius, Nils  email: Nils@nynas.com
Long-EZ, SE-XLE, 1993

Herzig, Rodney   email: zzigster@msn.com
N1389P is home based in Turners Falls, Ma and is powered by a Lycoming 0235-c2c 108hp engine. Manufactured in 1988 by Joseph "Blain" Boyd, this aircraft has performed trouble free. TTSN 555.3 hours

Hess, Dawn   email: roofflyer@msn.com
I have bought a Varieze frame mostly complete, looking for info and others advice as I inspect the work done and finish the project

Hicks, Wayne  email:
Purchased Cozy IV Plans #678 at Sun-N-Fun in April '98. Currently in Chapter 18 with 900 hrs and a Fall 2002 completion date. Home airports are Hampton Roads (KPVG) and Suffolk (KSFQ), both in Virginia.  I also have a webpage.  http://www.geocities.com/yosemite/falls/2027

Hindle, Gordon J.   email: ghindle@lynx.net
Vari-Eze C-GRDN. First flight August 1984. TT to Aug.2000 955hrs.Engine is a C-85 on the outside and an 0-200 inside!! Empty weight was 668lbs. in 1984. Without wheel fairings, which are still in the basement, it cruises at 180mph solo at 12,500'
Hindle.jpg (13734 bytes)

Hodges, Al   email: mah@beethoven.com
N829CL, over 1,200 hours since 1985, Lycoming O-235 L2C, B&T Super Cruise (60.5x75) prop, 140 knots, EZ-Pilot co-pilot, 3.5 transcontinental trips, based on Gillespie Field (KSEE) in San Diego

Hofmann, Manfred   email: m.hofmann@RPC.ch
VariEze HB-YBG; 1980; O-200 with electric MT constant speed prop, fuselage-mounted landing brake; co-ownership (3 pilots)

Holani, John  email: c17ezpilot@cox.net
VariEze, N404EZ, O-235L2C, all the speed mods, Warneke prop, 200+mph, awesome paint, I'm a new owner and loving it, Thank you Batman!, hangared at Corona, CA

Holman, Sam email: samholman@bellnet.ca

Defiant work in progress

Hooley, Lance   email: Lance.Hooley@jetblue.com
Starting construction on a modified Long EZ. Standard canard and fuselage with a E Racer wing, IO 360, electric nose gear and landing brake, EFIS instruments. Building in Kissimmee FL.

Horswill, Mike  email: horswill@netidea.com
Variviggen, Serial #518. After a 15 Year pause, I'm back at it. All the woodwork is done, wired, plumbed and controls and gear finished. 80 percent done. 80 percent to go...

Howard, Kyle   email:
VariEze N227TB was completed in 1992 and I bought her in 1995. Basic VFR days.  Cont. 0-200 cruises 142 Kts down low and without pants. A lot of fun to fly.
kyleHoward.gif (37479 bytes)

Howell, Larry email: laheze@yahoo.com

Started building a Defiant 13 or 14 years ago, was making good progress, then started a LongEze with my 15 year old son, both projects have been sitting dormant for years, but now back at the Defiant.

Hoynacki, Paul & Judi    email:  hoynacki@juno.com
VariEze, O-200, comp 1987, N163HL presently refurbishing to fly again, based in Hesperia, CA

Hsu, John  email: hbas@teleport.com
Long EZ built by Hank Strauch in 1999, I purchased it with 50 hours on the tach. I now have over 200 hours with N70HA. Stock Long with an O-235 L2C, basic VFR. I have since added new canard tips, Light Speed Engineering Wheel pants. Great plane, thanks Burt!

Hubmann, Alfons email: info@hubmann.ch

Velocity173FG - 2002 // HB-YHV, Lycoming C1E6 - 200 hp Based in Berne, Switzerland (LSZB)

Hughes, Bruce   email: bruce@ywave.com
Long-EZ N199BH.  Building for years but close to finishing. Lyc-320 engine, Klaus electronic ignition and 3 blade Catto propeller.  Building at Western Air Park in Yelm, WA. Work every day.

Hughes, Chris   email: chughes@idecpharm.com
N367MS is an O-320 powered Long EZ. I just bought her and she'll probably be based at Palomar. Built in 94', she only has 190 hours, but I plan to change that.

Hurd, Brad   email: Brad4ezair@aol.com
VariEze N6CB, signed off 1986 w.0-290G, rebuilt w/dual ignition just completing new brake system, new paint, interior, SW noselift, new radios, etc. Have another one ready for restoration (has 126.Hrs. since sign-off) needs lots of work but easier than starting from scratch. C-85 ready for overhaul.

Huss, Ian   email: lisnion@yahoo.com
N110EZ, Acquired as an abandoned project in '93, first flight in '98. 440 Hrs, Lyc 0-320-B3B, Warnke prop, O2 system. Top speed 201 mph, cruise 160mph at 5.5 gph new empty weight 960 lbs.

Hutter, Bob   email: Puzeeno@aol.com
N789CT is 0-320 powered and was completed 7-9-89 after 4-1/2 years constructing.  1450 hrs now is on the Hobbs.  A fantastic bird that has seen S&F twice and OSH once as well as Mexico.

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Ingram, Bill    email: chiliwilly58@hotmail.com
N75WR Vari Eze, Launched April 91, 0235 Lyc. Basically stock. Like to race when I can. Fly a lot with Dan Patch, Electronic ignition, 62x70 Warneke prop.

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James, Bill   email:
VariEze N95BJ 1996, 700 hrs. Fort Worth Spinks Airport (FWS). Downdraft Cooling Plenums, QuickCowls/Hatches, Level Wings (No Anhedral), Extended Strakes, MantaRay Prop from WallMart.  Flew 1400sm non-stop from Tx to Reno 2000, 2400rpm @ 175mph in 8 hrs @ 12.5K on 31 of 35 gallons. Picked up 15 mph between Jackpot '97 and '2000.  When not grinding on it, usually make about 15-20 flights a month.

Jans, Robert   email: bobjans@kwind.nl
VariEze N191RJ O-200 B&T prop; first flight was in June 2004; although I live in the Netherlands, the A/C is located at KTCY (Tracy, CA). Addictive airplane once you get used to it; it took me 15 hrs to feel comfortable during landings.

Jensen, Sven-Erik   email:
Defiant LN-RTI 1997 300Hr Lyc O-36o/MT 3 blade Front.  IO-360/ Prince P Rear.  160ktas/ 15 gal.  125-130ktas/ 11 gal

Jewett, Tom  email: tomjewett@comcast.net
Stock Long EZ N35TM.  0-235 with 9.7:1 pistons.  First flight 3/26/86.  Basic VFR .  1000 hrs flight time

Jimenez, Raul    email: N2xb@aol.com
VariEze N2XB C-85 fuel injection purchase as a project will be flying by spring 2003, Home airport ID AVO, Avon Park, Fl

Johnson, Elwood   email:
Johnson, Elwood and Linda. Louisiana transplant living in Southern California retired from Aerospace industry. Just sold my blue Long-EZ N160RG to a good canard guy. My new project should be rolling out soon. Its a Long-EZ with Lyc 0 - 320 E2D, 9 to 1 pistons. LSE, Dynon, new garmin X-ponder and most of the latest upgrades. This is a project take over and I have been building and flying since 1979. Sold my original project last year. Have owned 5 canards in various stages of flying none flying. Now down to one Long and its going to be my best.

Johnson, Len   email: lgjohnson@adelphia.net
Cozy MKIV/Aerocanard N-637PS. Under constructions and finishing now, in primer. Has an 0-360 with right Slick impulse and left Electro-aire ignition; throttle-body injection; VM 1000 engine monitor; King radios with glideslope, marker, digital clock/OAT, and KI-209A (in preparation for IFR GPS/COM); electric speed brake; electric cabin heat; and Strong pitch-trim. Plan to install an electric nose lift.  Should fly this spring from Chino, CA.

Johnson, Wayne   email:  santee2602@hotmail.com
VariEze N725EZ 1981.  C-85-12F.  Built and first flown at Corona,CA  Moved to Washington in 1981.. TT 700 hours. New Millennium cylinders about 50 hrs ago.

Jones, David & Angie   email: dljones@1starnet.com
N51810 Cozy MK III Serial #224 Lycoming O-320 D2J (160) All Garmin IFR equipped including ILS, MK beacons, Intercom and audio panel, GPS approach, VOR, and Transponder with MODE C.

Jones, Don   email: donjonesdnd@aol.com
VariEze 300DJ, June 1981, 0200

Jones, Steve  email: sjones@hra.com
N390EZ 980 hrs. TT - bought in '95.  based in Torrance, CA.  0-235C2C a joy to fly around the US.  a bit slow, but fun to fly alone. Most famous moment- Off field landing, worked perfect, thanks Burt.  Picture - Wish the other bird was mine!
wpe6.jpg (14469 bytes)

Jordan, Tom   email: tdjordandds@sprintmail.com
Long-EZ 599EZ Lengthened 12" and widened 4" Retract gear, Mazda rx7 rotary supercharged power. Presently flying off the 40 hour FAA requirement.

Jorgensen, James  email: gravit8@peoplepc.com
VariEze N388DT, O-200, NACA scoop, football wheelpants.  Fun plane, great business travel tool. Building Long-EZ and needed something to fly. Bought through 'Beagle'... strongly recommend his services. Checked out by Marko Bewersdorff, who performed as instructor, throttle cable and brake pedals until I figured out where I was and what I was doing. Why fly anything else?


Kalustian, Rafi  email: 
Vari Eze YV-11X airframe in Caracas Venezuela with a Lyc O235 installed, 58x68 - 2 blade prop, pending instruments to be installed for first flight by Aug-2003.

Karas, David  email: dkaras1@yahoo.com
Velocity XLRG, N308DK, Completed July 2001.  Lycoming IO-540

Kaula, Pavan   email: psmrkaul@vsnl.com
Long-Ez N15NS. O-320A2A. IFR. Bought in Hawaii, shipped to Malaysia, flew to India where I keep it. Thanks Burt for a great airplane. Having too much fun.

Keehner, Bill   email:
Varieze VH-IWF First flight Dec. 1979. Cont. O-200. Currently having a repaint and upgrade.

Kelley, John email: jkelley3@fedex.com

Long EZ RG, under construction. 0320-160hp.

Kfoury, Brian   email:
Building wings for a planned 0-320 powered L-EZ. Getting my A&P and working at Gulfstream for 1 1/2 yrs was enlightening. Hope to be flying in '04

Kiblinger, Stephen H. (Steve)    email:  73014.501@compuserve.com
VariEze. 1/3 completed (Looks like an eze needing systems installation and then a lot more filling/sanding & etc)... Prop selection, instruments and exhaust setup for O200 to be decided upon... All other pieces and materials on hand or in the structure...

Kidd, Ron   email: ronkidd@aol.com
N417CZ Cozy 3 Completed Oct, '90. 450 hrs TT. O-320, 160 hp. Performance 3 blade prop, Rose ignition. Based @ Bolton Field, Columbus, Ohio 

Kilbourne, Dave    email: davek@qualcomm.com
dave.gif (25017 bytes)VariEze N47LG has been flying since 1985, originally built by Byron Aviation in Ida Grove Iowa and sold to me with 47hrs on the hobbs, she now has 2400+hrs and is running better than ever. Powered by an 0-200 with LSE electronic ignition. I cruise her wide open at 9.5 or 10.5 and get 165kts on the GPS. She carried me to R.A.C.E. high points champion in 1996. See you at the races.

Kimchi, Abraham    email: kim@kimhi.com
We are slow, Three builders, another half a year is an estimate. The only Canard in Israel (Long-EZ). Putting in a glass cockpit, (Almost)

Kirchback, Alex Leal    email: alex100@prodigy.net.mx
I fly a Long-EZ with 0-320, 165 knots at 2,350 RPM.  Klaus Savier electronic ignition.  The best plane!!

Kline, Mark    email:
Just bought plans for a cozy Mk4 from Nat Puffer in Nov 97. I live in Ventura Califonia, near Santa Paula, Camarillo, Oxnard A/P's. Anyone with similar situation gimme a holler.

Koebel, Colin     email:
Long EZ N5E O-320D3G, First flight Oct 94.

Kreidel, Sam  email:
N26EZ-LIMO EZ S/N 001- IO-360 Lyc.  Completed 1989 @ CNO. Will do 237 mph. Big copilot compt-larger canard span-wider fuse-sits on gear/no falling

Kuehne, Jonathan   email: jpkuehne@eartlink.net
Long-EZ, under construction, purchased partially built from Hal Clark (San Diego). Currently housed at Whiteman Airport in Los Angeles, but soon to come to my garage for some WORK!!

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Land, V. Jay email: v.jay.land@shocker33.net
Varieze N480EK in process of being restored.O-235

Lambert, John   email: VariEze@conwaycorp.net
Construction started in 1979. First flight in 1986. 1230 hours to date. Active in RACE and San Diego EZ Sq. prior to recent move.  This EZ has flown from San Diego to Kitty Hawk and as far north as Kalispel (near the Canadian border). Lyc 0-235 pushes it over 200 mph ... cruises at 180-185mph @ 6gph.

Lamp, Terry email: tlamp@columbus.rr.com

Long EZ N977JT Born date 08/12/2003 Lyc 0-320 Ellison TBI, Hertzler Silver Bullet prop.

LaRocca, Roch  email: rocbar@peoplepc.com
Eracer MKII N382RB.  0360 Lyc - still under construction.

Larson, Jim     email: JimInHI@aol.com
Good friend and flying partner with Wayne Arendsee. Long EZ N506EZ.

Laudani, Alan    email: acer@inet1.inetworld.net
VariEze N191AL, reg. 1992, 55 hours Down for Paint & "might as wells". 0-200, day, VFR, EW 690#.  Copilot: Marcella L., reg. 1997, hours, weight, etc.-- I'm not telling.  Fun, safe airplane to fly.
Landali.gif (41145 bytes)

Laundrie, Kenneth   email: kenandnicole@compuserve.com
Cozy Mark IV N230KL.  Base GRB.  First Flight 11/14/00.  IO-360-c1c, 200HP , Catto 3 Blade Prop.  Still working off 40 hours

Layne, Bruce   email: bruce@thinkingdevices.com
I purchased Long-EZ N86WK from Willis "Joe" Kusy in September of 1997. Joe built her stock, straight & strong and she flies great. No plans to swap the O235-L2C for a larger engine. I've flown her to Florida twice (Sun-N-Fun 1998 and a snorkeling and camping trip in 1999), and many shorter trips. I added an electric landing brake actuator which I really like. I'm currently developing an ambitious, low cost, very full featured custom EZ multifunction display with an 8" color LCD touch screen. Feature list is "everything but the kitchen sink". Primary design goals are very low cost, reliable and intuitive. Just add GPS/NAV/COM, transponder and fly. Solid state gyro instruments when the price performance improves.
brucelayne.jpg (41229 bytes)
Lecka. Mike email: showcar9@aol.com

N-8WA vari-ez 1990,located FAY. O-235/vfr. Flying

Lee, Paul   email: abripl@netscape.net
SQ2000 under construction - 180 hours. See progress at http://www.abri.com/sq2000

Lee, Ric & Shari  email: bkut540builder@yahoo.com
Berkut 540 under construction. Currently at the 80%+ stage.  IO-540 powered, LSE ignition, Catto 3 blade prop, Mountain High Oxygen system, IFR panel, oil cooler cabin heat. Project first flight in 2004. Will be based at U42.

Lehrer, Chuck  Email: chuck173rg@aol.com
Velocity 173rge - retractable gear elite doors under construction. Almost finished with fuselage. Ready to begin strake attachment. Looking for Lycoming I/O540.

Leon, Carlos and Ruben  email: cleon@diekmann.com.ve
Twin Cozy MK4 with two Suzuki Auto engines in a twin coaxial counter-rotating configuration.  N Number. YV-22X.  Web page

Leonard, Bruce   email: bruceleo@nwohio.com
N60hz.  Restored 1983 VE 0-200 Cont. 230 hours on it by me. It's taken me to Oshkosh and back 3 times .  She's rough looking but flies great.

Lermer, Bill    email:  lermer@juno.com
Vari-eze N8MR, 1983 C90

Lewis, Karl   email: karllewis@earthlink.net
Finally! I'm the proud, new owner of N98RB. I just purchased her on the 21st of Dec. 2003! Light weight starter, Long-Eze main gear and a delight to fly. She has 592 hrs TTAF at this time. 0-200 powered. Now based at Fox field (KWJF). I can't wait until the weekend!

Lewis, Paul   email: UnivRecy@aol.com
Long-EZ 742TJ.  Just purchased from original builder.  Thanks T.J. for building such a beautiful plane!  Completed in 1997, 0-320 150 HP, extended nose, B&T prop, no lower winglets, and soon to have electric speed brake and electric pitch trim. A/C will be hangared at Gillespie Field. Thanks to Jerry, Sid, Chuck and the rest of the San Diego Long-EZ guys for their encouragement and support.
PaulLewis.jpg (25506 bytes)

Lima, Errol J.   email: erroljeremylima@msn.com
VariEze N34GM. Completed first flight in late fall of 1981. Current engine is a Lycoming 0-320 with 245 hours SMOH. 450 hours total time on the airframe. Maintenance, mods and repairs, painting, a new transponder, and GPS installation in work, as money permits.

Lind, Dave    email: davelind@earthlink.net
August 1994 to October 2002: 1330 hours and many, many terrific memories. ( Yeah, a scary moment or two also). Still tinkering,... what if I tried.....Photo by Harry Abbott.

Lisberg, Ron  email: rlisberg@gte.net
50% complete need fabricate wings, canard, strakes. Controls in, contemplating Mazda 13b engine.

Lockwood,  Matthew   email: lockwood@sprintmail.com
My Long-EZ shown here in its shipping crate, completed up to Chapter 19 (wings) when I bought it.  As I once saw written:"90% complete, 90% to go!"
cratedez.jpg (8584 bytes)

LoDolce, Tim   email:
VariEze N26FM completed 9/98. Now has 0290D2 140HP engine. The airplane flies like a little starship. In fact that's her name "Starship II" because you can truly climb to the stars in our little great flying birds.

Loewen, Wally & Paul    email: wgl@psnw.com
N80WL, First flew 1981. O-235 Lyc. Just recently sold to son Paul, Had Lycon OH, Test ran 153 HP. VariEze. See my web page for photo http://www.psnw.com/~wgl/

Ludo, Sauzier email: keysersauz@yahoo.fr

Nimes south France.V-eze still at work hangared in ...my garage for a little time! Wings and main assembly to go

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MacKenzie, Will   email: MacKenzie_Wm@Hotmail.com
Purchased Long-EZ and Defiant plans from Bert. Building a Defiant 50% under construction. The turtle deck finished windows not installed. Bonding it onto the tub. All glass parts made except Winglets and one bulkhead over the nose gear. Ross redrive.

Magallon-Graineau, Ernest   email: emagallon@aol.com
My VariEze F-PBJL has a rounded fuselage, the French canopy, O200 with twin electronic ignition and high compression pistons ,wheels pants and leg fairings spinner from Klaus, nose lift from Jack Wilhelmson.

Mahan, Fred I. email:
Building a Defiant. On the gear, working on the turtledeck before bonding it onto the tub, windows are installed. Sold my Long-EZ, N86LE, to Valerie and Robert Harris.

Maison, Tim "Octane"   email: tmaison@earthlink.net
N25LE, 0-320, 9/1 Pistons, Lightspeed, Ellison, Long Nose, Long Rudders.  Built-Charles Wilson, needs paint, great plane.

Malfa, Tony email: tonyslongez@cox.net
Long Ez,on gear long nose,long rudders,Roncz canard 4"in wider at front seat bulkhead 2"in wider rear seat bulkhead right wing almost complete. Mazda 13b
with R.W.S psru and atachments. Possiable retracts not sure if it's worth the time.

Manley, Steve  email: stmanley@aol.com
Vari-EZ N123JM, completed in 1992. Empty weight 650lbs. Purchased in flying condition in Dec., 2000.  130hp O-200, 9.5:1 Lycon pistons, ported cylinders, 6" Saber extension, Hal Hunt 4-in-4-out exhaust and a Klaus spinner, 60x68 Performance Propeller. Top Speed 200mph. Based in Dallas, TX (ADS).
Manley.jpg (3545 bytes)

Manvel, Harry   email: hmanvel@manvel.com
Defiant N2HM, (2) O-320 160 hp, Prince Composite P-tip props, ailerons modified -further outboard more like Long EZ.
manvel.jpg (17517 bytes)

Marlin, John   email: zapperjohnea1f@aol.com
VariEze N77JM ser#308 C-85 Just finished Xponder install etc and almost ready to test fly. Based at Canard Central (CNO)

Marshall, Jim email: n500k@verizon.net
Cozy MKIV, Infinity Gear, Franklin 220 HP, Hoffman Prop. First flight Nov. 9, 2004.

Martin, Christopher C.   email
Velocity XL RG, N494CM, First Flight Sept. 2000, Lyc. IO 540 with MT constant speed prop

Martin, Dale  email: niceez@cableone.net
Long-EZ, N777DJ, First Flight Sept. 02,1986, O-235L2C that will push us along at 166KTAS. 2 3rd place in RACE events and 2 place Composite trophy at Muskogee Hatbox Fly-in. Full IFR and many mods. Prototyped the Internal Rudder Lever on this plane and still sell kits. Next mods are modified boat tail and forward opening front canopy.

Martin, Emmanuel   email: e.martin@worldonline.fr
Berkut IO 360 under construction since sep 2002. Located in France

Martin, Frank  email:  fcmartin@us.oracle.com
N996FM - 0235 vari-eze in its 10th year of construction.

Martin, Jim   email: jimnpeg@nctimes.net
Long-EZ N4WX.  First flight July 1 2001.  0-235, day-night VFR.  Hangered at Palomar - CRQ

Martinson, Rob   email: N6LK@aol.com
VariEze N6LK O200 completed in 1978 by Lester King. Well instrumented but Day/VFR only. I've owned it since 1988 and have put over 2,000 hours on it. Actively race in AirVentureCup and A/C Spruce sponsored races as well as the RACE events. Top race speed 222mph, normal cruise 205mph.I've flown to all 4 corners of the Continental US and Alaska, north of the Artic Circle.

Mason, Tom   email: tommason43@hotmail.com
Long-EZ.  N number- to be issued.  Under construction.  Engine- O235

Mayers, David  email: david.mayers@ucr.edu
Long-EZ, N79Yt, completed 1985, LYC-0235, 150kt, 1200 hours

Mc Avoy, John   email: waiter@iflyez.com
LongEZ, N961EZ, Flying since October 1996. 160hp O-320, MT Constant speed prop, Infinity Retracts.
mcavoy.jpg (4310 bytes)

McElhoe, Bruce  email: brucem@theworks.com
I built this Long-EZ in Hawaii. When I moved to Calif. I found the O-235 was not enough in hot weather. I'm installing an O-320 and hope for shorter takeoffs this summer.
wpe10.jpg (28628 bytes)

McEvoy, Mike   email: mike.mcevoy@usa.net
Gyroflug SC01B Speed Canard - 1992, N160MM, 120 TT.  This German built airplane is not a homebuilt… It is one of approximately 170 airplanes built by Gyroflug/FFT/Dornier - 3 of which are in the USA.  Lycoming O-320-D1A (160 HP), 3-Bladed MT-6 Constant Speed Propeller, 42 Gallon Fuel Capacity, Garmin 155 IFR GPS - Coupled to HSI & Argus 3000 Moving Map, NSD-1000 Slaved HSI with Glideslope, Shadin "Digidata", EDM-700 Graphic Engine Monitor, Terra Radar Altimeter, Electric Attitude Indicator, Terra Audio with Marker Beacons, Dual Terra Coms, Dual Terra Navs. Email me at mike.mcevoy@usa.net !
SpeedCanard.jpg (7912 bytes)

McGuire, Scott   email: avclassy@ev1.net
Long EZ under construction. Most structural work is done and am finishing it now.

McHenry, Mark    email: mmchenry@sharedspectrum.com
Long-EZ, N58MT, First flown in July 1985, Lycoming - O-235-L2C, Now have ~1,000 hours and is based in Manassas, Virginia.

McMonigle, Patrick (& Ruth, Andy)
N8BE converted from the 235 to a 160hp 320, EIS, Catto three blade, auto pilot on the way. Currently at the EZ Hangar where Robert and Valerie and putting on the pods and unscrewing the little stuff. That's Pat's wife Tiffany in the pic.

Meleski, Stan (Freeway) email: stan@benchmarkcomposites.com

Veri Ez 224 DC 0-200 rebuild compleated 2005 Long EZ Chapt. 24

Menna, Jay  email:
Here is a picture of N82VE. Count me as a proud EZ owner.
wpe6.jpg (14943 bytes)

Micheliche, Henry   mail: hmicheliche@hotmail.com
I am planning to start building a Cozy MkIV by the end of the year. Can use all the support I can get. Thanx

Mick, Perry   email:
My Long-EZ now has over 340 hours logged.  Mods include: Color weather radar in the nose, front and rear forward-hinging canopies, Mazda 13B rotary engine power. N7XR (RX7 in reverse).

Militch, Peter   email: militch@aol.com
Cozy Mark IV under construction. After two years of work, I have the tub built, the main spar, the canard and elevators, and the landing gear strut. I am now working on the nose. 

Miller, Dave & Susan   email: dmiller@tameshrs.com
Long-EZ 944SJ w/ IO 320, extended nose. Just finished the project in early 2001 (started in 1983 by previous owner.) About 25 hours TT so far... The name "Joy Ride" is on the Winglets & it really is just that!!!

Miller, Ken  email: kenezmiller@optonline.net
Long-EZ/XP N6KD, Completed in 1995 has flown over 1100 hours with an 0-320D3G with Rose electronic ignition, Ellison TBI, 10:1 forged Lycon pistons, Superior Millennium flow matched cylinders and Catto three blade prop. Mods include electric speedbrake and pitch trim, electric nose lift, extended nose and dihedral canard. 6KD also has ram cooling, baggage pods, and reverse taper carbon fiber spinner and flowguide.

Miller, Richard    email: millerr967@aol.com
VariEze, 1057N, completed summer 1983, Continental C-85

Minckler, Kevin email: kevinminckler@sbcglobal.net

LongEZ N8CP, completed in 1992 by the late H.E. Crocker of Pampa, TX. Now lives in New Haven, CT. Lycoming O-360, electric nose gear, baggage pods, CDI.

Mintz, Ken  email: KMINTZ@Worldnet.att.net
VariEze,  N86KM,  8 April, 1989, first flight.  Rotorway RW-100,  85hp liquid cooled.

Moerman, Bjorn   email: flybjorn@emirates.net.ae
Purchased my "Baby", French registered (F-PFMP) COZY, from builder Marc Pichot JAN '03.Empty 1001 lbs, first flight FEB '94.Has O-235-C2A with Aymar Deluth 62x64 prop, FAA IFR equipped. Hangared in Belgium (EBKT). Flying it with my wife, Djamila, all over Europe, it gives me even more joy than the Emirates airline Airbus 330 I fly for a living in Dubai (U.A.E.).Hope to take it to Dubai one day!

Moore, Jon   email: tacco@aol.com
Long-EZ, under construction all structure complete, Infinity Gear, Rotax 914 or 13B (undecided) , Wilkersen nose. Fly in 2004

Moron, Julio Cesar   email:
Long-EZ, YV 12 P, from Venezuela; flying since 1985; IFR equipped + Auto-pilot (S-Tec 30 Alt), Lyc O-235 L2C, B&T 62x66 prop.  1000 TT; flying in Venezuela, Caribbean Islands and Florida USA.

Morrison, Jack   email: N345JM@aol.com
E Racer #113 - N345JM First flown in 1996 with Chev. 4.9 V6 300 hp supercharged engine. Now has supercharged IO540. Very fast and a joy to fly. Airframe now has 180 hrs. Lindy award winner in 2000.

Morrissey, Patrick   email:
Long-EZ  F-PYOF in complete overhaul.  New O320 Engine

Mosher, Pau  email: pmosher@directlink.net
E Racer (almost done, ha!)  Buick 215, Casale re-drive

Moser, Jim email: jwmoser@sbcglobal.net

VariEze currently undergoing modifications

Muller, Daniel  email: mullbrag@aol.com
I have built a Long-EZ F-PMYD (numero of serie 1732 L ) motorizes with RR 0-240.Wings 450 hours with since 10 years.  It is based in Etampes (south Paris ) France.  I am currently building

Mulqueen, Jack   email: mulqueen@aol.com
Building a Viggen, purchased a started unit and I'm continuing it. Had the plans in the 70's but sold them to work on other projects. Pic shows the very big model plane stage.

Mulvey, Tim   email:
I have a Long-EZ that I completed and flew in march of 1998.  To date I have approx 150 hours. The plane
is equipped with King radios and panel mount GPS.  Engine is a 0-290-D2 135hp with a 65x66 performance

Mundy, Bill   email: Mundy@ipa.net
VariEze, N42DS, 0-200, Based @Jonesboro AR.

Murphy, John   email: murf64@yahoo.com
Long EZ, N260ez, O-235, 140 KTAS cruise, First Flown on 11/21/91, has 870 hours as of 10/04, hoping to convert to 13b rotary some day

Musa, Aziz  email: upperglass@yahoo.com
Long-Ez, N147AM, Lyc.O235L2C, 76 hrs. so far. Still in primer.

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Nibler, Jerry   email: gj.nibler@gci.net
Per plans Long-EZ, N60AK, based at Merrill Field, Anchorage AK. First flight in 1985. EWT 830 lbs. 1800 hrs TT in 2002. Lyc O-235L2C, LSE EI, LSE prop. Cruise 140 ktas on 4.6 gph @ 2500 rpm, 18.5 in. mp, 10,000 ft pa, leaned to peak. Flies straight as an arrow.

Nicholson, John   email: enicholson@infoave.net
Purchased parted out LEZ Oct '96.  Working to get re-certified.  L235Cwith VFR instr.

Noecker, Dan   email: gp4_69@hotmail.com
Building a per plans Long-EZ.

Nordin, Jim   email: jimnordin@aol.com
N95LJ first flew November 96.  Has 110 hours now and am reworking cylinders on Lyc O-235.  Flies great just like Rutan promised.  Now working on a Lancair 360.   Building gets in your blood...

Northrup, John   email: jpn43@aol.com
VariEze, still building. Looking for info on twin snowmobile engines.  Keep the faith

Nwata, Onyegbu email: mumu_ony@maga.co.nr
Kim and I finished 575WA oct 1995 after 3 yrs and 2 month of fun thanks i don dey here

0320B2C - 160hp.  1st. flight 9/96 - 280hrs. Catto 2 blade prop, extended nose. 1998 Kilo class winner (super stock) @228.63mph.  Based at Henderson,NV. Do a lot of formation flying with Gus Sabo and 5 other canard types here in the valley. I've been flying for 35 years and have never had as much enjoyment and fun as the in the last 2 1/2 with the Long.

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O'Brien, L. H. 'Larry'    email:  lobrien@pacbell.net
Just cranking up a Long Eze project and hope to be well underway by June. Purchased plans and a few odds and ends in the east.  Currently awaiting shipment.
Located in Fountain Valley area, OC

Odle, Steve   email: Sbodle@midwest.net
Defiant, a Rutan designed twin in the push/pull configuration. Mine is 3,000 Hrs. into the build with about 2,000 more to go. 0-320 160 hp. Ltcs. are being used along with a fixed front gear! On the gear canard ready to mount, one wing done, fuselage was molded by John Queener and the windscreen is pushed forward 12". First flight on Monday!! Which Monday, I don't know !! N34FR

Olmedo, José email: capolmedo@hotmail.com

Vari EZ under construction LYC O-235 C1

Orange, Maurice    email:   kickmaster@bigfoot.com
Long-EZ N87DM is outfitted with a Lycoming 0235L2C.  It lives in a shared hangar along with Ed Sammons Long EZ N93DJ.  It's a delight to fly!
wpe1B.gif (35171 bytes)

Orr, David   email: canardfinder@att.net

Long EZ O-320 powered with 1400 hrs in 11 years. Did 2220 hours before hard landing and tree came up into the baggage area. Back to the Defiant then. Far points from Los Angeles: Fairbanks, Acapulco and Bahamas. I help people find plans, projects and planes for virtually any Canard available to homebuilders.

Othnin-Girard    email: fpzbx@aol.com
fpzbx 1991 0-320 Dual Control less nose gear. Fuel selector. Air brake.  400 hours.   One of the nicest aircraft I ever flew.

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Palmer, Ken   email: kpalmer384@aol.com
Berkut under construction. "B" Kit complete. "C" kit complete up to "strakes". Molded canard is complete. Molded wings started. Will have IO-540. Expect to finish prior to the big bash at Kitty Hawk on 12-17-2003.

Park, Denny  email: dpark@mail.wtamu.edu
Long-EZ N291P,  Built from 81-82,  Flown 22 years,  2700 hours on the tac,  Engine 0235L2c

Parrish, Jim   email: parrishairx191@juno.com
Dart, N191JP, completed Early 1997,powered by 2100cc VW with extension shaft of flywheel end. Tapered canard and double sweep wing.  Not full tested at this time..
Dart.jpg (8691 bytes)

Patch, Dan   (deceased 2005)
VariEze - N862DP. Cont. O-200 power, first flown June 1981, with 1930hours TT as of 07-2005.   Electronic ignition, with B&T 62x66 prop. IFR & night equipped. Best race speed was 186.5 mph at Mesquite, NV. Member of San Diego EZ Squadron since 1976 - currently Squadron Safety Officer. Home Airport Montgomery Field, San Diego.

Peacock, Hank    mail:
Long EZ under construction; 0235L2C

Peck, Bob   email: bobpeck@mother.com
E-Racer,N63RP---still under construction. I am in the process of changing from an auto engine (Buick) to a Franklin 6.  The Buick, Gearbox and Performance 3 blade Propeller are all for sale.
wpe5.jpg (28785 bytes)

Penner, Scott    email:
Slowly building. Chapter 7 under construction.  It has a 2" wider Firewall to accept up to an IO-360, but I will probably use an O-320.

Perock, Blaise   email: IAMKVO@AOL
VariEze S.N 788 N42231 CONT C90-14

Perry, John   email: jperryfly@mindspring.com
Long-EZ IO-320, IFR completed 1994. Test flown at Ramona now based BCT, Boca Raton,Fl. Not flying
much. Building Aerocanard (Pre-molded, enlarged Cozy IV type made by Aerocad in Ft Pierce, Fl.)

Person, Joe   email: VariEze@gte.net
VariEze N79JN - first flight 10/10/03. Stock O-200 with Hal Hunt pipes, a Saber 6-inch extension, and Hertzler Spin-on oil filter adaptor. Empty weight with tools, tie-downs, etc., is 617 pounds. Sure is good to be back in the saddle!

Pesnell, Donj email: dpesnell@mstar2.net

Long E-Z N-214DP

Petre, Michel   email: mipetre1@hotmail.com
I am building a COZY III since 1988,and it will be finished in June 2001. It has a Lycoming O-320 A2D,150 hp, a 62X72 wood prop and is built straight from the plans. I hope it will fly next year.

Phillips, Marlin   email: crager@attbi.com
Varieze N23CE 1991, ContO20

Pierce, Keith   email: KPAirdog@AOL.com
Long EZ N67KC with 0-320 E2D. Full IFR. Purchased from Kim Campbell, Ducktown, TN. New home in Jacksonville, NC>

Porter, Glen  email: longez102@earthlink.com
Long-EZ N102LE was completed by its builder, Lynn Burks in 1982. I purchased the aircraft from Lynn in November of 1998 and have really enjoyed it ever since. N102LE is powered by a recently overhauled 0-290-D2 and is fully instrumented with dual comm and dual nav including ILS capability.

Precourt, Charlie   email: cprecour@swbell.net
N81CP VariEze 500+ hours Built in 1979-1981 timeframe but due to overseas assignment with USAF, did not fly first flight until 1987! O-200 engine, LSE electronic ignition and in the process of making other LSE speed mods. Based at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas

Prendergast, Gerald   email: gerald.t.prendergast@boeing.com
My VariEze, N555LS first flew in 1981. I bought it damaged and not flying in 96. Took a year and a half to refurb it and get it flying, only to have it damaged again when a neighbor's hangar in Long Beach caught fire. Another year later it was flying again, and now I have over 200 of the total 1050 hours logged. It has an O-200, Long-Ez gear, and night IFR capable.
prendergast.jpg (17137 bytes)

Prince, Bill   email: bill_prince@altavista.com
Long-EZ N97WP. Completed September 1988. Lycoming O-235-L2C, modified Glassair wheel pants, Day VFR panel + ProNav 100 GPS. Have flown cross-country several times; even went to Alaska once.

Props, Brentley  email: rprops@mako.com
Currently building Long-EZ.  Building complete, installing engine etc. Can't wait to fly.  We also built 4281x which is on its 4th owner.  View picture under my ad

Proulx, Larry L.  email:
N4281X LONG-EZ 0-235.  Home Airport, Santa Rosa, Ca.  Purchase airplane in Texas, as a flying airplane with only one previous owner.  N4281X is very original which will give me a lot of room to personalize. I look forward to getting involved.. 
N4281X.jpg (9675 bytes)

Pullano, Frank Jr    email: frank@remotearrow.com
VariEze N500EZ. It was built by Victor E Mondary of Indiana back in November of 1979. He did a wonderful job on the airplane and it's still flying today with more than 1200 hours on the airframe. Top speed is 209 MPH (so far).

Pumfrey, John   email: johnpumfrey@yahoo.com
I used to own G-BLZM. Aircraft is now no more (see Tim's accident report on this site) Now based in Roselle IL in the USA and looking for another Long EZ

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Ralston, Del   email: drals1234@adelphia.net
VariEze, N770DY, 500 hrs. on bird, Rebuilding after being in storage 10 years. Need Engine and lots of parts

Randall, Christopher  email:  x24thepilot@hotmail.com
Long-EZ with Berkut size canopy, and Berkut nose, firewall, and cowls. IO-320-E2D with one mag, one LSE Plasma II, and a Hertzler prop/8 inch extention on order. All electric airplane and GRT EFIS panel. Should fly in a few more months. N742X KWHP, CA

Rausch, Leon   email:
VariEze N40LR, first flight August l986, over 1200 flying hours O-200 with modified Perry experimental Q-tip prop. Probably one of the few canards with a buck deer kill on landing at Jekel's Island, Georgia, about as far from Dallas as I usually fly.  Hangared at Air Park, Dallas, F69. It's not for sale. If you don't have a canard pusher, get one!

Ray, Jeff   email: jray18@nc.rr.com
N173ZG, 1995 Velocity 173RG, IO-360 (200HP), Full IFR, King radio stack, Century autopilot, Vision engine monitor, HSI, Argus moving map, Stormscope.  Located in Goldsboro, NC.  If you are in the area, stop by and say hello!!  Hangered at W40.

Reeder, Jack   email: jack@reedergraphics.com
Velocity RG Elite standard. Completed June 2001 after 2.5 years of construction in a small 2-car garage with a wing passing through a hole cut in the garage/kitchen wall of our brand new house. My wife is great! Franklin 220 hp engine. Runs and flies great! Flying in primer and will paint this Spring 2002.

Reinero, Bob   email:
Bruce Hair and I built two together. He flew I am still sitting on the gear in the garage with the wings and canard hanging from the ceiling. Thinking about selling.

Rich Rebenstorff   email:  rebenstorff_rich@montebello.k12.ca.us
I recently relocated from Sacramento to La Habra. I am currently working on a Vari-Eze. The fuselage is complete, and on its gear, tanks, canard and few other things have also been completed. I'm looking to install the Subaru engine. I have not joined a local EAA chapter yet, still getting my bearings down here.  Previously belonged to Chapter 52 in Sacramento. Looking for some help and input, don't have any contacts down here. Any information would be appreciated!!

Riley, Dave   email: eplay@juno.com
VariEze, N731T, cont. O-200

Ring, Todd   email: tdring@cox.net
Long-EZ N762BH, O-320 built by Bryan Hennessy. Based in Ferguson, AL (82J) and live in Pensacola, FL

Rise, D. J.  email: adunsmore123@cs.com
Long-EZ, N24DJ, First flight 10/20/1990, 0-290-D2, Prince P-Tip 60X72 prop, GU canard with CCI vortex generators, One sweet Bird.

Rivera, Juan   email: jrrivera47q@sbcglobal.net
Long-EZ N7047q, Completed 6/7/89, 0320 Lyc / Light Speed Ignition and Propeller, 800 Hours, San Antonio, TX , T89 Castroville Airport

Rivkin, Vladimir   email: vrivkin@rrres.com
N69VR, 2002, SpeedCanard, O320, Constant speed MT prop, 43Gal. Glass cockpit with Blue Mountains EFIS, IFR.

Rizk, Anoir    email: AnoirRizk@aol.com
Cozy3, N41CZ, 1987, O-320, Brackett Airport

Roberts, Rick   email: kingkozy@pacbell.net
KingKozy N-number N540KK it is still under construction, it is equipped with an IO-540 and Infinity Retractable gear, with any luck (and money) it will fly in 1998. Web Page http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/1165
wpe12.gif (52001 bytes)

Rodgers, Tom   email: tomkat01@netzero.net
Long-EZ, 0290, Catto 3 blade, under construction

Romero, Moises F.  email: mromero@cirrusdesign.com
Bought N82CD from Lulu Diehl. Serial #10, with an O-320 E3D, standard canard, night VFR.  Currently doing some updates and installing light IFR equipment. Based out of Saint Louis Parks Downtown, KCPS.

Roslaniak, Robert  email: longezjet@cfl.rr.com
Fully retractable Long-EZ, split canopy. I'm working on finishing this rare project, i will make the rear landing gear hydraulic and front using electric actuator, long nose, Roncz canard, long rudders, NACA inlets for cooling and cabin heat and Mazda rotary engine.  Palm Bat FL

Rostrup, Rune   email:  rrostrup@online.no
Rutan Defiant - LN-DDD.  Now flying with over 100 hours logged.  2x200 fixed pitch props.  home page

Rothrock, Larry   email: rothrock@sd.znet.com
VariEze N82RG was built by friend Bob Gray and I bought her in 1997. She has about 600 hours including the 325 I have put on her. She has an O-200,panel GPS, VOR, T&B, attitude and directional gyros, and backseat controls. Had her to the east coast about four times so far.

Rothrock, Don   email:  rdrock@gte.net
Cozy MKIV, Started construction 1/97, first flight 3/00. IO320 160HP, Sensenich 2 blade 67x85. Based at Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Rothwell, Tony email: tonyrothwell@iprimus.com.au

Cozy-3 VH-COZ First flight March 1998. Engine Lyc io-320-D1B with MT c/s prop. IFR panel and S-Tec sys 50 AP. Now about 700 Hrs TIS.

Ruby, Louis   email: tiggar@cyberhighway.net
Long-EZ N21LR-Completed 1986. 1500 hrs to date. 0290D2B Lycoming with high compression pistons.

Ruth, Andy (& McMonigle, Patrick)
N8BE converted from the 235 to a 160hp 320, EIS, Catto three blade, auto pilot on the way. Currently at the EZ Hangar where Robert and Valerie and putting on the pods and unscrewing the little stuff. That's Pat's wife Tiffany in the pic.
McMonigle.jpg (25028 bytes)

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Sammons, Ed   email: ezalley@k-online.com
My trusty full instrument long EZ N93DJ. first flew in l984. And after a major overhaul and a fresh paint job , is back in the air again. Hangared at Gillespie field . A member of the San Diego EZ squad.

Sanchez, Ernesto  email:  res0391z@gte.net
SQ2000:Slow but sure! http://mysite.verizon.net/res0391z/index.html

Saunders, Glenn  email: techsupport@kodiakbs.com
Purchased this VE plane flyable, but went ahead and installed my Rotax 914 turbocharged engine. Dropped the empty weight by 47lbs. First flight due 9/1/03 (Glenn was fatally injured 07/2005)

Saybe, Afif E.
email: saybeengineering@globalnet.hn

Long EZ HR-ATQ, IO-320,VFR+, 800 hrs TT,168kts, based in
San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America

Scaglia, Marco  email: marco.scaglia@sira-spa.com
Cozy Classic, LX-ACE, built by Uli Wolter (D), engine: Lyc. IO-320

Schenker, Alban   email: alban.schenker@bluewin.ch
HB-YCG.  0-235 P2A, LSE Ignition. Constant speed 3 blade Hoffmann, RONC-canard etc.  Cruise 145 kts, top 160 kts, home base LSZE.  TT 850 first flight 1985.  Building time as 3000 hours.

Schlam, Seth  email: sschlam@hme.com
Long-EZ under construction, started from about 45% project in May 98. Nothing firewall aft yet. Hope to complete in two years. Undecided on engine, probably will be O320.

Schubert, Terry    email: jschuber@juno.com
Long-EZ, N9TS, first flight 7-21-86, now has an O-320-E2D and the airframe time is 2800 hours.  Central States Association Newsletter Editor.

Schubiger, Robert   email: rschubi@swissonline.ch
My Vari HB-YBL flew 1st time 1980.1998 decision to upgrade. New instr - AP - new cool-air inlet with completely new baffling - new interior - new paintjob - cabin heating.  Lyc O 235 C-2-C,TT AF-PP 540 hours ,Prop Muehlbauer elec. constant speed.

Schwendeman, Steve  email: steve_schwendeman@mmacmail.jccbi.gov
wpeD.jpg (29053 bytes)N23X construction began in Moorhead Minnesota in the summer of 1980, and was completed in Fairbanks Alaska by early 1988. The first flight was 4/3/88, the airframe has logged 575 hours as of 2/28/99.

Severino, Randy   email: propman@socal.rr.com
At last I am a proud owner of a Vari-Eze . N2112 built by James Tennermann 10-10-79 Last flight 1987. Continental C-85 engine. It is now tied down at Van Nuys, VNY.  Randy's E-Z page http://home.socal.rr.com/films/vari/

Shell, George R.   email: gshell@spawar.navy.mil
First Flight for N10LZ occurred on Sept 28th of 98. It was exhilarating to say the least, I now have 56 trouble free hours now and look forward to many more. The Long EZ is one of the most unique Aircraft that I have ever encountered and a joy to fly. She is fast, reliable and economical to fly.
wpe5.jpg (20137 bytes)

Shevlin, Graham   email: graham@grahamshevlin.com
Long EZ N131JF, first flew February 1995. I purchased it from the original builder Jesse Huerta (thanks for the great job Jesse). 160hp O-320. 410 hours TT. Hangared at Redbird (oops, sorry, Dallas Executive) TX. Let's go fly!
shevlin.jpg (22395 bytes)

Shniderman, Stan    email:  longez2@aol.com
Builder of N770EZ.  1st flight June, 1995.  0320.  1st extended nose.  Founder of "Hole in the Wall" at Santa Monica CA.  9 EZ's built there. 

Shockley, Les   email: les@shockwavejets.com
Highly modified Long EZ equipped with 2 T-58 engines with afterburners. 2 pounds thrust to 1 pound weight. Plan to have on the air show circuit sometime in 2003.

Short, Kevin D. email: XfF4GEWO@aol.com
Cozy Mk IV serial #548 under construction. Chaps 4-14,18 complete. Chap 17,18,19 started.

Shupe, Don & Bernadette  email: dvshupe@csupomona.edu
VariEze 39EZ first flight 1977. 1100 plus hrs. tt. Lyc 0-235 straight stacks. Ten trips to OSH (3000 NM rt) from Cable Airport (largest privately owned airport) in Upland, CA.

Simendinger, Walter  email: jaws83@aol.com
1995 N24DT Long-EZ, 235 Lycoming, electronic ignition, nose lift, speed brake and 3 bladed prop. Just bought this Lindy winner. I love it.

Simon, Vern   email: res09zd0@verizon.net
N601VS completed 1988 and now has over 1600 hours. Engine is Lycoming O 320 D3G (160 hp). The Airplane has a number of modifications including nose gear doors, lower winglets removed, Lightspeed electronic ignition, KX 155, DME, Transponder and GPS. Full IFR panel.

Skilling, James C.   email: jamesjody77@yahoo.com

N77ez is now located at Mojave Spaceport and will be available for sale this summer(2005) for 19,000.

Skovbjerg, Jorgen   email: joergens@gte.net
Cozy MKlll, N655DK made the maiden on January 11, 1999.  It's a 1000lb baby with a 150 hp O-320 E3D swinging a Prince P-Tip 68"x74".  We're located in Hollister, CA ( 3O7 ). If you're in the neighborhood drop me a note and let's go flying.
ggbridge.jpg (7341 bytes)

Small, Douglas   email:  dasit@tampabay.rr.com
Long-EZ N701DS is based at Winter Haven's Gilbert Field. First flight in 1998. Initial Weight 882#.  Lyc-O-320 swings a Great American Prop. 120 TT. A fun ship to fly.
DSmall.jpg (19527 bytes)

Smith Tom R. C.   email: TRCsmith@aol.com
Long-EZ N12TS.  WT 880 LBS, Eng O-235-L2C, Great American 62x62 Prop.  19 years of off and on work. First flight May 12, 2001 Located at Nuttree Airport, Vacaville, CA.

Smurawa, Robert    email: robsmurawa@hotmail.com
VariEze N82GR, 0-200-A, Hangared at OCO in Oconto, WI.  Empty weight 815 lbs.  Built by Robbie Grove of Grove Aircraft w/20 gal. strakes.  Beautiful workmanship.  Uses Great American 56 x 68 prop.  2500 rpm static run up.  Looking for another that is built light to plans so I can carry passengers to introduce to flight by canard!  Heart beats every day so I can fly my canard!

Spreng, Gustl    email: spreng@cfl.rr.com
Finishing a cozy mark IV. in Daytona Beach, FL.  Would like to fly at Sun 'n Fun. but who knows?

Staats, Alan   email: berkut@primenet.com
Waiting for my Berkut fuselage to come out of the oven...

Staggs, Tom   email: : tjstaggs@verizon.net
I bought my Long-EZ, N13YV, in 1989. Since then, I have completely rebuilt and repainted the plane, including upgrades to an O-320, a full IFR panel, and several safety improvements. I flew airshows in the plane, named "Invictus", for 8 years, but now I just enjoy it as the cross-country machine it was intended to be. I have flown over 1,200 hours in the plane.
StaggsEZ.jpg (19317 bytes)

Stern, Howard   email:  VariEze@usa.net
I flew my VariEze for the first time April 22,1991 after 13 years of building. VariEze N64HL now has 539 hours with on trip to Oshkosh in 1995. I have an 0200 with a B&T 57x70 prop. We have a hanger at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima, Ca.

Stevens, Carl   email: N223MM@yahoo.com
N223MM was flying for a while but is back on hiatus again. This time it has been gutted and is now in the process of getting a new (rebuilt) engine, new wiring, new panel, new brakes and hydraulics, and probably other stuff that I have not figured on yet. Watch for updates...

Stockman, Bill   email: kwagmo@aol.com
Velocity 173FG Elite, N12WS Born 5 Sep 01, IO360, Perf Prop, Thunderbird Paint Scheme, Hangared at Moraine Airpark, OH (I73)

Strong, Alex   email:  astrong@mscomm.com
COZY III Lyc-0320 150hp, First flt. mar./93. Top speed reached 234mph TAS.  Have made two trips to the East coast.  We have a desert dry lake airport at Calico, 5 miles NE of  Barstow- Daggett airport DAG, 14 miles on the 244 radial DAG VOR.   homepage "http://www.canard.com/trim"

Sullivan, Tim email: timpvf@pacbell.net
Long EZ N7999H "Wildfire", Built June 1987, O-235 L2A lots of upgrades since purchased in 99. Dual LSE, new paint, stereo intercom, soon to put install an O-320. Won Workmanship Award at 2004 Arlington, won outstanding craftmanship OSH 89.

Swears, Bill   email:
Cozy N534S (Cloud Dancer) Completed by Walt and Helen Suminski in 1989, bought by me in September 2000.   O-235 L2C, Day/Night VFR, working on IFR package, Strong Pitch Trim, Navaid Devices Wing Leveler.

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Tanner, Michael & Rainer   email: tannercons@dplanet.ch
VariEze still under construction

Taylor, DW    email:
'89 Dan Maher Velocity N7044Q. I'm the 3rd owner of "Pinky" & it flies & handles superb. Great workmanship everywhere you look. I took a day & a half training the Velocity factory in Sebastain, FL.  Duane Swing & his associates made my transition training a very pleasant experience. 
pinky.jpg (17900 bytes)

Taylor, Victor   email: VTaylor496@aol.com
N93DV My Velocity of 10 years, Standard FG short wing. Going through an upgrade from top to bottom now.

Teek, Tom  email: tteek@cfl.rr.com
Long-EZ--N58AT-First flight May 7 1994 at Merritt Isl. Fl. O-235C(mfg Aug49)and complete O/H with L2C pistons.150 knots sea level full power. Gas consumption per the book.6.7 gals 75% pwr.

Teter, David email: ezaviator@truetechsys.com
VariEze N39DT (was N3793X) Yep, I'm the proud owner of Gene Zabler's great VariEze. I've upgrade the panel with new com/xpndr/GPS. Everything else remains the same. Thank you again Gene!

Theeringer, Bill   email: w8pey@arrl.net
Long EZ N29EZ completed and first flight December 1990. 8 1/2 years to build. Won Outstanding Workmanship award at Sun-N-Fun 1990, and best composite at Watsonville 1991. Featured in Kitplanes, Sport Aviation and QST (Ham Radio) magazines. 0-235 Lycoming, Garmin GPS/wing leveler, HF com radio, Oxygen, electric heat, and FULL RETRACTS of all 3 gears! 1,000 hours in 6 years, landing only to refuel. What a plane!! Thanks Burt!
Theeringer.jpg (48338 bytes)

Thomas, Harry A.  email: lgez_driver@yahoo.com
LGEZ N 104EZ, Lyc. 0235 L2C. Completed by original builder 1999, purchased 2/2000. Still working on paint and wheel fairings. Flies great and lots of fun. Located at Canard Central (Chino Airport).

Thomason, Tom   email: sthomason@tds.net
Long-EZ, N806TT first flight Oct 1994. 500 hours to date. LYC-O-235 Day/Night VFR. Cruise 140 Kts @ 2500.

Thompson, Mike  email:
VariEze, under construction-but almost there, based at Fort Worth Spinks airport (FWS).

Thomson, Richard   email: richard@cloudland.co.uk
VariViggen, S/no 283,Started construction from Series 1 plans in July 1997, on final assembly stages, power Lycoming 0320. need glass fibre items, and canopy.

Timmons, Dr. Mike   email: mjt@mjtimmons.freeserve.co.uk
G-OMJT built 1982-1993. Based at Prestwick, Scotland about 1 mile from the wicked North Atlantic. Parked outside on the apron (ramp!) for the past ten years with no significant corrosion problems and never any rain leakage into the tanks through the original Brock fuel caps.

Tolchin, Sid    email: sidtolchin@4dcomm.com
N12ET (for Ed Esteb & Sid Tolchin - "Compliant Partners") Finished April 1987 with an O235 and flown to Ireland July that year with Gene Scott. Pods, Heater, Leaks and Fun are all parts of this plane. Built with committee love including Jerry Hansen, Gene Scott, Chuck Busch, Rob Grove and most members of the local EAA. All White and ALL RIGHT!

wpe2.gif (23422 bytes)

Tomko, Frank   email: ezflyer@charter.net
N5DN Built in 1985, I just bought it from Wayne Walker Mid time 0-235 Looks and flies fast. Hangared in Apple Valley, Ca.

Tony    email: inversiondrums@aol.com
Long-EZ, U/C planned Mazda rotary, with retracts, Berkut split canopy with H.U.D.  F-16 style scoop on the bottom houses retracts (I Win)

Traas, Gene    email:
Cozy Mk III project, N number pending, under construction (plane is on Chap. 8 [seatbelts and headrests], builders are on Chap. 3 [education]), planning for an O-235. 

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Utset, Tony email: tonyutset@hotmail.com

N297TV VariEze Project under construction. Will be powered by 95 Hp. ROTAX 912. Projected first flight January 2006.

Van De Waerdt, Wydo   email: wydo@cas-cozy.nl
Construction of an Cozy MKIV #827, Aerodiesel powered.  In the Netherlands

Van Hoof, Chris   email: cvh@iafrica.com
Cozy #219 under construction - see latest progress from my website http://users.iafrica.com/c/cv/cvh/index.htm

Ventura, Joel email: ventura@brandeis.edu
LongEz N729RA with O-235L2A. I am the third owner of the aircraft, which has about 330 hours on the hobbs. It was completed in 1986. I am repairing damage from THREE gear up landings, a fuel tank leak, and other misc things I want to do my way.

Versfeld, Jannie   email: qmain@intekom.co.za 
I am in the process of building a Cozy MKIV (540) and it is about 60% done. You can see it at http://home.intekom.co.za/qmain/JANNIE~1.HTM  I have a "0" timed Lycoming E4B5 O-540 rated at 260Hp ready to install. I plan on a 70" diameter prop with a 106" pitch.

Vrooman, Myles E.   email: mylesvrooman@msn.com
Just bought Cozy MKIV plans to build in Reno beginning fall 04. Interested in other local builders and Mazda RX8 power.

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Wade, Bill  email: chipmunk@uninets.net
Velocity Classic RG.  N6098S under construction since 1/91, plan to install LYC IO-360 and MT prop. Full IFR with lots of gadgets, many builder mods.

Wade, Chris   email: N79995@aol.com
Long EZ N79995, O-320-D2A 160 hp. Performance prop. Built at SMO. Large canopy and 8 in. extended nose. 223mph. First flight at CMA 3/93. 

Walker, Justin  email: Hercpilot1@excite.com
Long-EZ license #405 under construction. Currently working on chapter 9 & 10. Plan on using the long nose mod, 0320, high performance rudders, Ronzc canard. The project is located in OKC, so any previous or current builders in Oklahoma don't hesitate to drop me a line! I could use the input as well as encouragement!

Walker, Mark   email: sguyview@cs.com
Building Long-EZ

Walker, Tom   email: tpwalker@cyberhighway.net
Started in 1979, first flight-December 1996, 0-320 150 HP VariEze Full electrical with electric nose gear, cruise 170+, top speed 200+
walkerez.jpg (22227 bytes)

Walter, Scott   email: swalter@onsitepro.net
Long EZ N99HM. O320

Wauford, James C.  email: jcwauford@juno.com
VariEze, N489EZ,started October 1976, completed and moved to airport Feb. 1991. Due to engine problems, first flight was delayed until January 1992. Empty weight - 705 lbs. Nicknamed "Fantasy Fighter" the airplane reflects my 36 year employment with the Air Force (Military and Civilian). It's standard, built strictly per plans with mods. No wheel pants. Cont. O-200 engine. Full throttle speed is around 155 MPH, but I normally cruise around 140 MPH; it's more economical. I LOVE THIS AIRPLANE! 

Way, Jim   email: jimway@telis.org
Var-Eze N1032K Completed 1980,  O-200 Engine , Approx. 900 HRS flying time.

Weaver, Mark  email: dream111@peoplepc.com
Berkut 540 (kit#14) N53MW (reserved) still under construction, but making good progress. Completion expected within the next 18 months. IO-540 (290hp), Terra radio stack, Grand Rapids EFIS (front & rear).

Weber, Wayne   email:
My father built 987BW he started in 1980 first solo in Nov. 1985. He lost is medical in 2000 so i decided to get my private to take him up in his plane and loving it. powered by 0-235c1 American wood prop 60/62 I'm installing GNC300XL in the next couple week and am looking at wheel pants and maybe a different prop. Hangered at rwf mn.

Wells, Charles H.  email: chwells@worldnet.att.net
N74CW, VEZE O-200B, built 1978, originally built by Jack Day, N999JD. Empty weight 640lbs, purchased 1998.

Werner, Paul   email: ezepilot@pacbell.net
As the third owner I completed this vari-eze (N6112Q) and first flew in 6/01. It has a pumped up 126 HP 0200 from Ly-con, a one of a kind three blade Catto prop, boat tail with ram air, trailing edge fences, shortened canard, Gary Hertzler wheel pants and a Garmin 196 linked to a navaid auto pilot. Its based at Gnoss Field in the SF Bay Area. Cruse speed is around 185 Mph and top end is well over 200 Mph.

Westerfeld, Don  email: Don-Westerfeld@Home.com
Purchased Cozy MarkIV N795DB. 1st Flight was 1996. IO-360 200hp and basic IFR. Hangaring at Palomar.

Weston, Philip   email: maxmeg@sdcoe.k12.ca.us
Vari-Eze, N4341P, 0-235C2C G.A. 58/70 Prop, lower long winglets, large strakes.  80 hours to date, cruises 170 mph, a joy to fly, would not trade for anything.

Westendorf, Mike email: mike_westendorf@yahoo.com

I'm currently looking for an EZ to buy. I've scraped up the cash...and gotten the wife's permission...and am at this point like an impatient child looking for what is out there. Call/email if you know where I can find one. 847-226-6276

Westphalal,  R.G. "Wes"    email: Westrudy@ECOL.net
Long-EZ N424RW.  Flying since 1989.  Lycoming 0320.  Redesigned nose, baggage pods, IFR equipped, electronic ignition

White, Brian   email: blool@midwest.net
Long-EZ project on gear.  Working on wing.  Looking for info on direct drive Subaru.  Galesburg IL

White, Ronald   email: Longez38ar@juno.com
N38AR has been flying since May of 1983 and has 2250+ hours. First 1950 hours was with a 0290G and changed to a 0320. Prop is a Felix 2 blade and a Catto 3 blade. Rose Ign. and 1 mag. Hone base CID Cedar Rapids Iowa. Baggage pods under construction

Wick, Al   email: alwick@juno.com
Flying Cozy IV powered by stock Subaru 2.5L.  Artificial intelligence in cockpit assists naturally dumb pilot.  N9032U with 200+ hours from Portland, Or.  Prop construct, Subaru install, Risk assessment, Glass panel design info: http://www.maddyhome.com/canardpages/pages/alwick/index.html

Wilkstrom, Burleigh   email: bwikstrom@adelphia.net
VariEze, complete airframe with 0200 engine mounts, needs engine/prop and instruments.

Williams, Mike  email: mwilli7119@aol.com
VariEze under construction. serial number 689. O-235 L2C

Wiltse, Bruce   email: EzYoYo@aol.com
VariEze N4156W was finished in December 1998. It has a Cont. 0200 experimental engine, boat-tail lower cowling and trailing edge wing fences. Flying this machine continues to be great sport!

Wing, Jerry   email: gmpjerry@ptsi.net
Purchased 150 hp Long Ez Dec 2001.  Cruises 175 knots. Long nose.

Winnett, Terry   email: cz4bldr@yahoo.com
Building Cozy MkIV #792. Working on Ch. 19. Moving to Lakenheath, England, so completion will be after my tour there

Wodey, Arnaud      email:   arnaud.wodey@meteo.fr
I sold  Long-EZ #1047 but plan to begin building a new one from Long-EZ # 1048 Plans in the next 5 years.

Wu, Thomas    email: twu111@yahoo.com
VariEze, completed 1980, N37648, O-200, VFR Panel

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Yake, Terry  email: terry200ty@sprintmail.com
Long-EZ N200TY. 737 hours since new in 1987.  O-320 (170hp), Catto 3-blade (60X80) Full IFR GPS.  1079# empty.  Hangared at KIXD in Overland Park, KS.

Young, Roger   email: ryoung44@hotmail.com
Long-EZ G-BRFB. Built in Scotland by Bob Gardiner.  First flight 1990.   Bought by me 2000.   0-290 engine,  B&T prop, 330 hours, lovely mover!

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Zabler, Gene & Ann   email: gzabler@execpc.com
VariEze 3793x 1535 hours to date. Started flying 83,stock 0-200 with home built prop.

Zadow, Ryszard   email: ryszard@earthlink.net
VariEze N930L. Purchased right after she was built by Paul Millet in 1983. Have had her apart so many times I feel like I built it! Just broke 1000 hrs and currently running a hoghly modified O-200 with 9-1 pistons, ported, polished, flow balanced and all rotating parts balanced. Turns 3000 rpm with s Sterba 60x80 prop and cruises at 174 ktas. Has been IFR with a full vacuume panel for about 15 years. Flown 930L coast to coast twice, Oshkosh about 3 times, Sun-N-Fun twice and almost every year to Rough River.

Zangirolami, Matteo    email:
Cozy MK-IV,1102 plans (building) rome, italy

Zeafla, Steve  email: s828zeafla@aol.com
O-200 Vari-Eze N27960, finished in 1983.Long-Eze gear, NACA scoop.  436TT.  More upgrades to come...

Zeitlin, Marc J.  email: marc_zeitlin@alum.mit.edu
COZY MKIV N83MZ, first flight August 4th, 2002, O-360-A2A, Catto Prop, 1055 lb. empty, Navaid, AI, DG - see: http://www.cozybuilders.org/

Zeitner, Chuck email: phantomleader@earthlink.net
Long EZ under construction with 90% complete and 90% left to go. Long nose, big rudders, big brakes and little money in the bank.

Zollinger, Armin Ernst    email: azollinger@dplanet.ch
Long-EZ HB-YCT.  This is the aircraft that claimed over 160 world records such as fastest plane around the world. More infos at www.millenniumflight.com

Zwijacz, Michael   email:
N97LZ, 0235L2C, 125hp with Lightspeed electronic ignition. Cruise 155kts top speed, 165kts on GPS. Sometimes see more on the GPS at 10,5. Prop is Great American 62x64 2 blade. She's a beautifully flying machine.  Based at South Lake Tahoe Ca. for commuting to work in the San Francisco/San Jose bay area