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It's EZ in Montpellier, France

By Marc Levacher

(Ed note:  We often think of foreign countries and cultures as being quite different than our own.  Marc's photos and commentary show that canard builders and pilots are pretty much the same the world over - great people with an adventurous spirit.  It is his, and our, hope that we can promote more international camaraderie, and give us places to visit when we are traveling).

Let me present our group :

      Our hangar is located on the Montpellier - Méditerranée field ( there's two runways separate by the tower and the airport.  The longest one is mainly used by the domestics and international flights, and the other one, 3300 ft long is used by all other light aircraft )
     Montpellier is a middle size city (pop 225 000) , main activities are medicine, research and tourism, located a few miles from the beaches. Our region is called "le Midi mediterranée " it means the middle , because we're right on the middle of the south of France . Our winters are much colder than yours (in California) but fall and spring are the best seasons, (summer is too hot with too many people) 

     We are 8 owners of Long or VariEze: 
Our association is named MACH 1 (Montpellier Air Composite Hérault )    with  Ernest Magallon , Phillipe Sergeant , Patrick Chardon  , Patrick Lefevre , Michel Chetboum , Walter Praduroux , Yves Garcin , Marc Levacher  and a special thought for André Soria (who died last year in a fatal crash with his Cozy)

 - Philippe , Mag ( Ernest) and Patrick C were the pioneers of the canard aircraft construction, starting each with a VariEze in 1980, Patrick is still flying his, Phillipe  built a cozy , and Mag built another VariEze after a crash .

 - Michel bought Phillipe's VariEze
 - Patrick owns a VariEze , he didn't build it but he improved it . He's still working on it to reach 200 KTS
 - Walter is about to finish his Long-EZ ,
 - Yves owns a VariEze
 - and I (Marc) bought last year a Long EZ with a 0-320 engine

     There is also another Long-EZ in our Hangar but I don't think we are going to able to keep it inside with its wings attached
     We call our hangar "le Nid des canards " that means the canard's nest.  In French a canard is a duck (the bird ).  There is always somebody there but mostly we do our local flights on Sunday morning.  Sometimes we plan a trip to another field where there's a good restaurant. When we 're not flying we talk about how and what to do to improve our planes, I guess it must the same with you.  The only difference is the language.

     Come and see us.