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  Guys & Gals,

Well, 2004 finished with a really great holiday hanger party thrown by our long time Squadron members, the Trio Avionics guys, Chuck Busch, Jerry Hansen, and Sid Tolchin - Thanks guys for a really fine time, great BBQ, good company, and a chance to ride in the fastest golf cart on the planet (would you believe turbo-jet powered)!

So, now it's time to look ahead into 2005 for another year of EZ building and flying! This is the year of the VariEze's "Big Three-Oh" Birthday (the prototype flew on 21 May 1975). Even youngsters like the LongEZ, Cozy and Velocity are all grown up. Regardless, there's quite a bunch of us who are still building, modifying, tweaking, speeding up, (overloading with fru-fru?) and mostly flying the heck out of these great birds.

So here's the plan. Bill Ingram, Jimmy Martin, Dan Patch, (and you, hopefully) are planning to meet for dinner at the Casa Machado Restaurant on Thursday, the 13th at 6:30 PM. As you know, the Casa Machado restaurant is located on the second floor of the main terminal/ops. building at Montgomery Field. Bring your construction questions if you are building. Share your latest improvements and flying stories if you are flying. Bring any safety tips or concerns. There are new pilots, builders and flying activities that are just getting going, so let's let the EZ Squadron members know about them. And don't forget to bring your best gal (or guy if he's the back seater)!

Possible meeting topics might include:

What's new at Trio Avionics with the EZ Pilot? (e.g., how's the altitude hold development going, new displays, etc.)
What's Ingram doing to his cowl and what has he hooked up to his engine now?
What happened to Beagle's LEZ, Paintball, and what is it doing in Yucca Valley?
Why would anyone fly 1000 miles into Mexico in an EZ?
What were painters doing to Jerry's LEZ at Gillespie and how did they do it?
Will there be a 30th Birthday party for EZs at Oshkosh, and why not plan on going, if so?
There are a bunch of canard-centric fly-ins coming up - what are they, where are they, and when are they?
Are you interested in formation flying?
What is "Cowboy" doing and how about auto engine power for an EZ?
Your construction and speed-modification questions.
And....______ (you fill in the blank)

Dan Patch (DeltaPop)
SDEZ Squadron Safety Officer (retired?)
VariEze, N862DP
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