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San Diego EZ Squadron Newsletter

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You may download copies of the official newsletter of the San Diego EZ Squadron by clicking on the appropriate file below:  For the August issue, for example, save 0898.exe to a special directory on your computer and run it. (Clicking on the file below will prompt your computer to save it.... you should designate the directory, otherwise it will probably save it to "My Documents" folder in a PC).  When you run the .exe file, it will automatically disassemble the file into its various articles and images, thereby creating a lot of files in the directory in which it's disassembled.  It may be a good idea to create a special folder in which to save the file and disassemble it.   To view the entire newsletter, click on 0600.htm (for instance) to view it.   These editions are posted here with the kind permission of the newsletter editors.

July 2000 Edition             0700.exe
June 2000 Edition            0600.exe
May 2000 Edition             0500.exe
April 2000 Edition            0400.exe 

March 2000 Edition          0300.exe
February 2000 Edition      0200.exe

January 2000 Edition        0100.exe
December 1999 Edition    1299.exe

November 1999 Edition    1199.exe

October 1999 Edition        1099.exe
September 1999 Edition   0999.exe
August 1999 Edition          0899.exe

July 1999 Edition              0799.exe

June 1999 Edition             0699.exe
May 1999 Edition              0599.exe
April 1999 Edition             
March 1999 Edition           
February 1999 Edition      0299.exe
January 1999 Edition        
December 1998 Edition    1298.exe
November 1998 Edition    1198.exe
October 1998 Edition        
September 1998 Edition   

August 1998 Edition          0898.exe
July 1998 Edition              0798.exe