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  • Al Hodges has rounded up and compiled an incredible amount of information for Canard owners and fliers.  If you are new to these aircraft, you will find a treasure chest of wisdom and resources in Two Thousand Ways to Fly a CanardAl has also posted a First Flight Handbook.  They are in the Articles section.
  • Eric Cobb recently completed an after-sale inspection for a new VariEze owner.  What he found was not what the owner expected and resulted in a grounded (maybe permanently) airplane.  Eric advises Buyer Beware.  It's in the Articles section.
  • December, and Al Hodges was determined to be there.  He had to cross the continent to do it, and met some memorable people along the way.  As usual, Al's writing style really brings this journey to life.  It's in the Articles section.
  • Important Notice:  A Mandatory Ground notice has been issued by Rutan Aircraft Factory.  It requires that you must ground your Vari-Eze, Long-EZ or Defiant until you have performed the specified inspections for possible corrosive damage to critical aircraft parts.  Failure to do so could result in an in-flight structural failure with fatal injuries.)
  • Terry Yake's extensive "Resource Guide for Nonbuilder Owners of Canard Composite Aircraft" is now posted in the Articles section.  If you purchased your Canard from its original builder, there is a lot that you need to know.  This guide will answer dozens of questions that you might (should) have about maintaining your aircraft.  Thanks, Terry!
  •  Your ALT-Text here Here's a photo essay on repairing a damaged main landing gear.  More importantly, it's an example of what can happen if you don't do it right the first time.  If you are thinking of purchasing an airplane built by someone else, you can learn an important lesson here.  It's in the Articles section.  (Caution, image intensive - download could take a while)
  •   Your ALT-Text here Formation Flying can be enjoyable if done properly.  Dan Patch, San Diego EZ Squadron Safety Officer, has posted an excellent presentation on the subject to promote safety.  On the first page is a link that will also allow you to download it as a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Rutan Aircraft has issued a "Mandatory Ground" bulletin on aircraft that are flying with modified elevators.  This is a "Must Read" for anyone that owns or flies a canard aircraft. 

  • All canard-type pilots, planes and projects are invited to register in the "Member Directory".   If you have a photo to accompany your aircraft information, send it by email (JPEG or GIF please), or we can scan in a photo (tell us by email and we'll send back a postal address).  All composite, canard aircraft are welcome. 

  • There are now some 240 articles in the "Canard Pusher Reprints".   You will find all articles of general interest, safety information, innovative improvements, and some good adventure stories.  There are no reprinted plans changes because it would be impossible to guarantee their accuracy.

  • Wonder why we build experimental airplanes?  Click Here!.

  • 1988.   What a year! What a party!

  • If you have an experience to share, a safety issue, a good story, or something of interest to builders and fliers, please submit it to the webmaster for possible inclusion in the "Articles" section.