Original Plans

What do original Long-EZ plans look like? The pictures below are from an unused set of Long-EZ plans. I have branded them with the web site logo to discourage anyone from using them on EBay, etc.

Varieze plans will look very similar. A complete set of plans includes the construction manual, drawings A1-A9 and the Section on engine installation.

This is the main construction manual.
The license page that RAF had you fill out and send back to register the plans.
A page from the construction manual.
The A1-A9 full size plan drawings.
Shot of the GU canard templates.
You get an idea of the size of the A1-A9 drawings here.
The engine installation manual shown with the construction manual and A1-A9 drawings.
This is a license page from a Varieze plans set. I believe the license page was always printed on a different color paper.
A page from the construction manual.



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