It showtime! Joshua Ravetch with SVP Production Resources wants your EZ!

SVP Production Resources is about to start production on thier newest movie, FRACTURE, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. In the movie he plays an aircraft investigator - sort of an NTSB guy who is investigating a recent 737 crash - a plane that will be re-assembled in a hangar at Long Beach Airport for filming. They are curently working with Burt Rutan in Mojave -- he is helping them out with some of the really cool designs and models of his aircraft to help enhance the production value.

In the sequence at Long Beach Airport (currently slated to film in early March) the Production Designer would love to feature a few EZ's as set-dressing. Once in place, they would not fly or move the aircraft, they would be happy to have the owner bring it to the hangar personally and would need it parked there for a few days.


Joshua Ravetch
SVP Production Resources
New Line Cinema
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