Varieze 30th Anniversary Gathering

The Varieze prototype first flew on May 21, 1975 making this year it's 30th anniversary.

Eric Whyte and Frank Pullano are working on a mass arrival into Oshkosh just prior to SpaceShipOne's arrival. Eric organized the 20th anniversary mass arrival in 1995 with Norm Howell and is the Chairman of the EAA AirVenture Cup Race.

The information and registration site for the event is at


Here is the announcement from Frank Pullano Jr:

The 30th Anniversary Mass Arrival into Oshkosh is actually coming together. In fact, the official Letter of agreement came in from the FAA just yesterday. I don’t want to get into minute details here as those pesky things are changing every few hours but here’s the very basic scoop:
The official website is now up and running BUT will be changing very often along with the plan.

The web site is flash based but I’ll be posting a regular HTML version to allow for most viewers.

The official registration will be handled through the web site too.
This mass arrival will NOT conflict with the AirVenture Cup Race. In fact the same person is the Chairman of both events.

ALL CANARD AIRCRAFT are invited to participate.
ALL RUTAN DESIGNS are invited to participate.

If you want to participate and aren’t sure if you fall into one of those two categories, register anyway.

Please register as soon as possible even if it is tentative. We are trying to get a feel for numbers, types and performance information.

If you want to practice something prior to the event, you should practice following a plane in about 5 second trail without getting into his wake. Practice flying base to final at 500AGL in the event we have to use Rwy 18 at OSH. That will be the most difficult approach to handle with this crowd. Practice keeping one eye on your airspeed, and one eye on your leader. Practice landing as close to the numbers as possible but keeping your speed up until the end of the runway. Those are the basic skills that you will probably encounter in this flight.

Ok, the plan for the moment is this:
We will stage out of Madison, WI (KMSN) on July 25th, 2005
Madison is a Class C airport so normal approach procedures should be used. Notify them that you are in for the Glass Overcast.
Parking will be on the East Ramp at Wisconsin Aviation.

Briefing Time is 12:00L (High Noon)

We will launch in pairs out of MSN splitting the runway with plenty of sacing (not close formation take offs).

Climb will be at a TBD speed based on registration entries that we receive.

Cruise Speed will be based on the same data.

Cruise Altitude will depend on the winds at OSH and the approach we use.

In other words, if we have to fly near Rippon, we will do our best to deconflict with that traffic.

Landing at OSH will be on both Left and Right runways (36R is the taxiway while 18L is the taxiway). If you take off on the left side of the runway at MSN, you land on 36L at OSH. If you take off on the right side of the runway at MSN you land on 36R at OSH. There will be NO formation landings at OSH.

The FAA and EAA have approved four separate arrivals into OSH. One to 36, one to 18, one to 27 and one to 09. At the moment we are hoping to have approval to over fly 09-27 in the event we use RWY 18 at OSH.
Each of the approaches will be posted on the website complete with all the information that you will need to fly it even though you will be following the guy in front of you.
The only approach that is currently IN STONE (for the moment) is the Approach to 36 at OSH. The other three are still being worked out with the FAA.

We will keep radio chatter to an absolute minimum. The lead and tail aircraft will be the only two using the radio. You should not expect to be making any radio calls.

Emergency Procedures are also posted on the web site.
The arrival into OSH will be planned for 15:00L on the 25th. We are doing our very best to arrive just ahead of the White Knight/SS1.

The staging location of WK/SS1 is irrelevant to this event so if you know where it is, keep it to yourself please. The folks from Scaled do not need any distractions and we have to do our very best to follow their wishes.

There are a number of airports that have been designated as alternates for emergencies; those airports are listed in each respective flight plan found on the web site.

There are some documents that you will need to show upon your arrival at MSN. These are also listed on the web site but it’s nothing more than what you would need if you were ramp checked.
There will be a briefing waiver that each pilot must sign upon check in at MSN. We will be flying into wavered airspace as we are the opening act of the AirShow, each aircrew MUST sign that waiver.

If you have any questions that are NOT detail oriented, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you want to know what freqs we’ll be using please hold those questions as we don’t have every little detail cleaned up yet. I would recommend you check the website often as changes will be posted there as I receive them.

My cell phone number is posted in the fine print on the registration page of the web site. I don’t want to post that here on the Yahoo Group.
Like I said, very basic info here, but I wanted to get the word out that it’s rolling forward.

- Frank Pullano Jr
VariEze N500EZ
Atlantci City NJ (KAIY)

Dan Patch somewhere over Mexico in his Varieze

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